Curtis’ Rigid Retrotec 29+ Trail Cruiser

Before we jump into the world of Retrotec Bikes and Curtis Inglis, let’s look at one of Curtis’ personal rigs; this 29+ rigid mountain bike, what I like to call the “Trail Cruiser.” Now, calling this a cruiser has nothing to do with the speed at which Curtis rides trails while on this rig and has everything to do with the history of Retrotec; a company that began modifying actual cruisers into off-road machines.

This bike landed at NAHBS, back when Chris King first displayed their extremely limited 40th-anniversary olive drab component kit in 2015. I have a one-bike-per builder photo rule at NAHBS and decided to document Curtis’ other bikes. Fast forward to over two years later and Curtis has been riding this bike on his local Napa trails a good deal. Perhaps not as much as his hardtail – rigids are rough on wrists, after all, and builders need their wrists to work, but it hasn’t exactly been collecting dust.

He swapped out a few parts over the years, including the new ENVE M60 rims, a Wolf Tooth dropper remote, and a big, chunky tire (Maxxis Minion DHR II) up front to soften the blow of the area’s rocky trails. Curtis snuck in an original Retrotec homage on this frame; those beautiful lug cups on the head tube. The truss fork allows a little flex on the front end, but not as much as you’d think. It is a truss, after all.

This bike has an incredible stance and it was fun watching Curtis monster truck down the Oat Mill Mine Trail in Calistoga… Expect more Retrotec coverage in the coming weeks.


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12 responses to “Curtis’ Rigid Retrotec 29+ Trail Cruiser”


    It’s a beaut, Clark!

  2. Chris Valente says:

    In Curtis we truss.

  3. Ben Witt says:

    I’ve loved this bike since seeing it at NAHBS last year. It’s just about perfect. The fork is a perfect match to that chassis.

  4. earle.b says:

    Those bars, I am in love.

  5. Sebastian Burnell says:

    gives the chance for a very unique framebag…

  6. Hope Cyclery says:

    I was hoping one day youd shoot this bike!

  7. belopsky says:


  8. Pascal K says:

    the lines are so smooth, tubes look delicate, yet it reminds me of a tank. love it.

  9. Jim Seely says:

    That color! Harkens back to the old ’91 Stump Comp!

  10. Gabriel Lyman says:

    Not usually a huge fan of the retrotec aesthetic but holy hell this thing is the business.

  11. singlespeedscott says:

    Got to love bullmoose handlebars.