Ahearne Cycles: Stainless City Bike Apr 25, 2018

Photos by Dylan VanWeelden

Ahearne Cycle’s latest creation is one not to be missed. This Reynolds 921 work-hardened stainless steel tubing bike is running on 27.5″ by almost 3″ wide tires and is filled with incredible details. See all the information on Ahearne’s blog.

  • Drew Carlson

    Saw this bike in person at Velo Cult in Portland and the pictures do not do it justice.

  • SlowPokePete

    Very impressive. Amazing.

  • Bil Thorne

    This is both over the top and completely reasonable.

  • Rider_X

    I just can’t get over the fenders looking way too small for the tires. Learn from my mistakes, don’t let fender line OCD ruin builds… get help!