100% + The Mojave Desert + Sagan Apr 16, 2018

Sagan’s Roubaix victory was iconic, yet the thing that left an impression on me was his 100% moto goggles. It was one of those racing moments that had me laughing with glee. His sponsorship by the brand has produced a number of videos with the Slovak professional, including this one, featuring their Speedcraft AIR design. What is Speedcraft AIR? Well, watch this, set in the Mojabe to find out.

  • I am genuinely interested in hearing/reading more about your opinion regarding the goggles on the podium. (If you care to elaborate) Having run marketing for a company that won countless Pro Tour races, the Tour, the Giro etc. I was a little like WTF is this?
    I did screenshot it and send it to a bunch of other industry buddies so to some degree it “worked”… but we are not the droids they are looking for. Maybe WTF is enough?