The Ass Savers Speed Mullet Front Fender Mar 13, 2018

Ass Savers innovated the rear fender market with their flexible fenders and now, they’re looking to party up front too with the Speed Mullet fender. These fenders keep your feet mostly dry on wet roads, will fit on most bikes, is cable routing friendly, mounts in seconds and suited for 23-42mm tires. These are available for order now at Ass Savers, for a late March shipping.

  • Froste

    Holy crap these are ugly! My fellow Swedes know better!

  • adventureroadbiker

    Good as long as you’re riding in a straight line! Mind, with the number of Crud Catchers that must have been sold over the years, it’ll probably do alright.

  • JB

    These rock!!! So pragmatic and so smart!

  • Rider_X

    No, no no. I am sorry full wrap metal fenders or nothing! Proper sized metal fenders with tight/perfect fender lines (i.e., re-radius) means both you and your bike stay clean in nasty conditions.

    • Yeah but not every bike has provisions or clearances for fenders.

      • Rider_X

        I blame the bike industry for that one! There should be special place in hell for any “adventure” bike without mounts. I had resort to frame stickers, double sided sticky velcro, a wine cork and rubber wedges to get a solid fender mount on one bike.

        Internet, ignore my old man grumbling go and ride whatever you want… just frickin’ ride

        • I wish carbon forks had fender / rack mounts, even though I haven’t had fenders on my bike for over two years. If it’s raining here in LA, I actually like getting sprayed since it’s such an uncommon thing. If I lived in the PNW, I’d have fenders on every bike…

          • Rider_X

            PNW rider here (well just north), so fender ocd comes honestly. Not every bike though, just ones I “sacrifice” to the gods of grit and grim.

  • Leroy

    Awesome. In a city where the weather can do anything, having packable fenders is brilliant. Saves me forking out for more expensive yet smaller tires and then expensive “proper” fenders.

  • Riemanello

    What about AERO :-P