Team Dream’s Mini-Spring Drop Features Some Heavy-Hittin’ Designs Mar 12, 2018

From Buck Knives to long sleeves and tie dye, the other new products, the latest drop from Team Dream is worth your eyes. Head to their web shop to see more!

  • B.A.R.27

    The guy cutting the apple better be careful! As my pops always said, “cut towards your friends, never towards you.”

    • He’s French. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Patrick Pardy

        This is the second time in as many weeks that a comment has been made about being European. What’s up Mr watson?

        • Don’t take it as an insult. I’m just playing with Tebow. Just pointing out that other cultures might do things differently. Why does everything have to be taken so literally / seriously? I’m not insulting anyone, I love Tebow.

          • Patrick Pardy

            OK massive generalisation, but response accepted.

    • French Ass Ass In

      Sounds to me like your dad never peeled an apple…Ive seen a lot of things but never someone peeling an apple away from themselves…unless it was a potato peeler of course. Your dad might have meant to say “PEEL towards your friends, never towards you.”

      • I love how we’re discussing proper knife use on a cycling website! xo

      • B.A.R.27

        I dunno, maybe its the camera angle in the photo but it just looks like the knife is going to slip out and get him! Maybe I’m scarred from seeing this covered california advertisement constantly in January 2018:

        Also, why do people eat apples with knives? They’re called teeth, that’s what they’re there for…

        But, as Mr. Watson points out, a cycling website comment section may not be the best venue for discussions of knife use :)

        • I like eating an apple with a knife because it’s more of a process and causes you to stop, put everything down and eat, versus eating on the fly. Times I eat apples with knives: after camp setup, on a lunch stop, sitting on an overlook, etc. Times I eat apples without: when I’m on a ride, en route some where and I don’t want to pull out my knife. I also use knives to cut food up while camping, open boxes, and to pick/pry things open.

    • Mike Kimbro

      I believe it’s, “Cut your buddy, not your body.”

  • Sean Talkington

    I have it on good authority that both Team Dream and The Chubby Bobcat are more than happy with whatever apple cutting choice you pursue w/ your official genuine TDBT x Buck Knife ;)