Snowbirding in Tucson at Transit Cycles – Spencer Harding

Snowbirding in Tucson at Tranist Cycles
Photos and words by Spencer Harding

This past March I wound up down in Tucson for some guiding work and planned some extra time to be there a little early to hangout with the nexus of bikey humans that seemed to congregating there. I happened to stop in at Transit Cycles for their monthly shop ride. The ride is co-hosted by Carl from Dragoon Brewing (find him for your first-beer-for-$1 token!) and the ride was a sporting 2 or so miles to the brewery along a bike path from the shop, my kinda ride really. It was an eclectic crowd with mainstays of the Tucson community, plenty of snowbirds from all over the country, and even a very pregnant pannier riding doggo.

Transit Cycles is nestled in the very southwest chic Mercado San Agustine on the west side of downtown Tucson. The shop is the culmination of the owner Duncan’s childhood dream to own a locally run bike shop. After bouncing around the west coast and finally ending up Tucson, Duncan opened Transit early in 2014. He was excited to offer the only place to buy cargo bikes in the city and a focus on adventure/touring bikes.

Today the shop is small but filled with many wonderful vignettes, from Mo’s personal artwork to a collection of more types of chain lube than I thought existed. The shop is currently just two employees, Duncan and Mo. A rarity in the cycling industry with a POC shop owner with a female head mechanic, a conscious decision to make space for gender as well as race. Outside of their monthly shop ride, Transit is a regular host to Swift Industries Stoked Spoke series, WTF rides, and intro bike-packing overnighters.

Next time you pass through Tucson, you know you want to escape winter everywhere else, make sure to swing by Transit Cycles and see what rad stuff is happening!


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17 responses to “Snowbirding in Tucson at Transit Cycles – Spencer Harding”

  1. AlTilleythebum says:

    ABCD – (I’ll) always be commenting on doggos

  2. Alex Steadman says:

    Oh Tina!

  3. colavitos_ghost says:

    Looks like a real nice shop. Keep it up!

  4. dan scheie says:

    I feel like half of my instagram feed has been hanging out in Tucson for the winter. Sure looks like a fun group of people!

  5. Bryan says:

    Great shop, great people. Even though I live 140 miles North in Phoenix, I’m always happy to pick up an accessory from Duncan when stopping by the Mercado.

  6. Matt O'Donnell says:

    Tucson is pretty great. My parents are retired out there so I keep a bike at there place and ride out that way regularly. And Dragoon is the best beer around in what is becoming a pretty great beer town! Tucson recently completed The Loop, over 120 miles of paths/bike lanes, a lot of which is protected.

  7. Hope Cyclery says:

    I can’t wait to visit Tucson, I know where my first stop will be.

    • Nate-o says:

      Next stop: go a few blocks north and get the most killer burritos on a fresh tortilla made that morning at Tanias 33. You can even buy a burrito bag at Transit first :)

  8. Justin Scoltock says:

    SIck Hot Water Music tat.

  9. Russ Roca says:

    Transit is good peeps!

    • mitchell Connell says:

      As a LBS/non-profit manager, I’m always inspired to see this type of content. Thanks Russ!