Salsa’s Land Run 100 Video Mar 12, 2018

We ride a lot of dirt roads in California and usually end up staring down some beastly climbs on even the chillest of rides. I can climb all day, but nothing drives me nuts like mud and cold. Combining those two ride elements can have disastrous results. Watching this video on Land Run 100 has me re-thinking my tire choice for this year’s event…

  • Ben Reed

    Just bring your truck and drive around picking up riders pulling the plug.

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Your Crema with a 2.25″ Ranger up front and a 2.0″ in the rear, would probably do pretty alright in the mud and might not be horrible on the dryer harder packed stuff.

    • I’m taking the Crema with a 700 x 38mm tire. I might go 35mm if it’s gonna be wet / muddy although it looks like there won’t be much rain.

  • Mark Rothschild

    Oklahoma..what the FRACK!!!

  • This looks AWESOME.

  • Aaron Best

    More doom metal in bike videos please.