Lasco’s Machined 11-Speed Cassettes Work on 10-Speed Hubs Mar 5, 2018

I wish I saw this product earlier! If you’re like me, you’ve got a few wheelsets lying around that are 10, not 11-speed compatible. Even selling these wheels in a largely dominated 11-speed market was more difficult than I imaged. Lasco Concept has engineered a solution to this common problem, by machining 1.85mm off 10-speed cassettes, allowing for 11-speed use. Right now, they have the following sizes available (Shimano Ultegra: 11-25 | 12-25 | 11-28
Sram Force : 11-25 | 11-28 | 11-32) and they’ll even convert any cassette. See more at Lasco Concept.

  • smoovebert

    Whoa, good find.

  • This is a great idea!

  • Nate-o

    Oooh, I misread and thought ‘wow an internally geared 10-speed hub with an 11-speed cassette!!’

    • So, 110-speed with a single front ring?

      • Nate-o

        Amazing, right??!

      • Tim Guarente

        Back in the 90s I knew a guy with a road bike he designed himself. It had a triple, a 9 speed casssette, and an internal 3 speed hub. It also had 250mm Boone Twist cranks, probably 575mm chainstay, and a 65 degree head tube, but it was an 81 speed bike. I rode it a little, and it was smooth and steady, which you needed to shift through all those gears.

        • You could easily enough do that with a Sturmey archer CS-RF or RK3 hub. Makes one wonder why you don’t see more setups like that. Would be extremely versatile. It’s a shame people don’t know about these hubs.

  • Bryan Crockett

    If you are cool with running a 11-34 you can get the Shimano HG800 cassette. They work on 10 speed freehubs.

    • Good to know!

    • California Travis

      That IS good to know!

  • matt c

    I unwittingly bought a 10 speed only hub (Dia Compe ENE) and just Dremelled the freehub body until it would take 11 speed. I would have been fine just taking a cog out and running 10 speed but the shifting wasn’t smooth were the extra cog should have been.

  • California Travis

    Rad, thanks for the heads up