Land Run 100 Rides: Stu’s Moots Routt 45 with a Lauf Grit Fork

Stu made the trek from the wintery north to Oklahoma and the Land Run 100. He’s the owner of Freeport Bicycle Co, a shop in Illinois, and this is his Moots Routt 45 with a Lauf Grit fork. Stu and Bailey, the new mechanic at District Bicycles throw an event called the Ten Thousand. It’s a dirt road race that combines dirt roads in the Driftless area of Northwestern Illinois. The elevation gain of the event exceeds 10,000′, making for one tough day on the bike.

Stu is here in Stillwater to support Bobby from District Bicyce’s event, the Land Run 100, because Bobby has frequented Stu and Bailey’s event in years past. It’s always interesting to see how bike shop owners equip their bikes for events like this and I love seeing bike shop owner’s supporting each other’s endeavors. Roll safe, Stu!


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  • James Rollins

    love the build, but that’s quite a donut holder he’s got there!

    • 100 miles of self-supported carnage requires maximum cargo capacity.

    • AdamBike99

      Are you referring to the amount of uncut steerer above the stem?

      • Yeah, that’s usually what ‘donut holder’ refers to.

    • Lucas West

      When your fork costs as much as a low spec Salsa Journeyman I think some restraint with the hack saw is understandable.

    • Nickolas Paul Sherer

      Stu’s always worried he’ll need to bring his stem up… Waaaay up…

  • John B.

    Interesting tire choice. I guess it is dry this year.

  • Chris Valente

    If someone from 1992 stepped off a time machine today and saw that bike, their brain might melt…

  • Eric Hancock

    Great bike. I’d love to take this one for a spin to see how it rides.

  • Max G.

    What seat bag is that?

    • Nickolas Paul Sherer

      Probs a large Bontrager seat pack.

  • Datech Dahaus

    lovely bike

  • John S

    I never get tired of skinwalls or Moots. So classy. Obv, those are Compass tires…but wondering which size?

    • Trent Garcia

      Switchball Hill 650b x 48

  • 楊一帆

    Is the bar tape special color from Brooks cambium rubber series?