Land Run 100 Rides: My Crema Duo with 700c Ibis D30 Wheels

Leading up to the Land Run, I was advised by all to put 700c wheels and a fast rolling “dirt” tire on my bike of choice, that way, if it was muddy, there would be plenty of clearance. I knew I wanted to ride my Crema on the course, with its more upright riding off-road position, versus the Firefly which is more elongated as per a road fit. When carrying a camera pack, being more upright really helps out in terms of soreness and the Crema has been my go-to for such outings.

Duo on D30 Wheels

Now, these wheels came from the Ibis Hakka review, and are not available just yet, but Ibis has plans on selling them as a wheelset, just like their other MTB wheel offerings. Switching from a 27.5″ platform to the 700c on the Crema offered a completely new riding experience. Truthfully, I had never run 700c wheels on the bike before, so it took a bit to get used to, especially with such a small tire, by my own standards for this bike. The D30 wheels were plenty stiff, set up tubeless easily, and had exceptional engagement. Expect a full review with specs and pricing information to come.

It’s Got Baggage!

My trusty Porcelain Rocket half frame bag carried my essentials, while the Cedaero top tube bag held my phone, sunblock, chapstick and snacks. This streamlined setup kept the bike light, nimble and feeling great, even on the rutted and washboard roads. The one instance I did have to carry it, I grabbed the fork and crank arm, and lifted it onto my shoulders. Doing this, I could run through the mud with only one hand on the bike.


As it sits on 700c wheels, the overall look of the bike has changed drastically. While it’s not nearly as nimble, or as easy to flick around, it points and “goes” much easier. This is the speediest this bike has ever been and after 100+ miles of Oklahoma dirt roads, I can say my setup for this year’s Land Run was ideal.


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  • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey

    The dust on the chain ring looks dope.

    • Rye Young

      I was about to say AARN should make a RED earth fade run of them.


    John, I LOVE this bike. Let me know when you want to sell it!!!

  • Willy Don Gouda

    hell yeaaa how did the g-ones perform? Did you have a tubeless setup?

    • Pretty good! Although I’ve had horrible luck with them in LA. Yes, tubeless.

      • boomforeal

        what kind of back luck have you had with them john? i’ve been riding them for a year and like how they roll and drift. i’ve had a lot of pinch flats during the time, but i’m not sure how many of those are due to how hard the tires enable me to push the bike…

        • Sharp decomposed granite slices them easily in my experience.

  • Robert Franklin

    Beautiful & practical bike.

    You can tell a Land Run rider by finding that red dust in nook & crannies for the next year.

    • Ryan

      I have a dusting underneath my hanging LR bike.

    • benreed

      I have a permanently stained kit from LR.

  • Daniel Smith

    Looks like a really nice set up, and this bike’s paint always gets me! It’s such a great colorway and the OK dust gives it a nice patina. I’m surprised there’s not a cambium here. It seems like your go-to saddle. Especially for an event like this… either way, bike looks great!

  • Dan O

    Had a chance to meet the Cedaero folks on one of my trips to the MN north shore. Glad you like their stuff, they’re good people and their bike/coffee shop is a welcome addition to the area.

  • Jordan Muller

    If that amount of handlebar drop is a “more upright riding off-road position”, I suddenly feel really old.

    • Zian

      Eh, some people have longer arms, torsos, etc.

    • Long ass legs (36″ inseam) and long ass arms.

  • Great looking bike! Who makes the seat bag?

  • Eric Wang
  • Nathan Crissman

    I’m glad you posted this, after the original LR100 post I was going to ask what made you choose a CX bike over a gravel bike. Now I have a full post dedicated to your reasoning rather than a comment response. Thanks! Does this have 1×10 setup on it?

    • 1×11 – I don’t own a “gravel” bike, so either my disc Road or ‘cross bike does a fine job. 🤘🏻

      • Nathan Crissman

        Gravel, all-road, disc road. I’m not sure of the differences. I can’t keep up 😂

      • Nathan Crissman

        Regardless, this bike is sick!

  • Mr Sun

    really nice set up^^

  • Thad Hoffman

    I love this bike so much but it loses some of that ready to pounce swagger without the 27.5 mtb wheels on it. It inspired my own new school (which is ironically so old school) dropbar rigid mtb / any road bike. Long live the duo!

  • veryreverend

    Looks like the 35c version? Curious what tire pressure you were running to get that faster feel, and how you’d compare this setup overall to a smoother 650b like the WTB horizon. Thx!!

    • I was running 40psi because I didn’t want to bottom out the tires / tear them on the rocky descents.

  • Zac

    Looooooots’o 700c haterz. Bike looks dope.

  • boomforeal

    hey john, what’s the different in reach/TTL between your crema and your firefly?

  • Derp

    Smart looking bike. Could you share the details on your chainring?