Land Run 100 Rides: Mary’s Humble Frameworks Resurrected SSCX

Good steel frames never die, they just get repaired. Mary got this Humble Frameworks years ago. She raced it and eventually, the frame developed a few stress risers and cracks. It took a while, but she eventually took the frameset back to Michael at Humble and he repaired the bike. Liking the way the repair marks looked, Mary clear coated the reparis and turned this ‘cross bike into a single speed dirt road bike. She now rides it at races, including the Land Run 100, where I was able to document this unique race machine.

UPDATE: Mary got third in the single speed category this year!

Best of luck to all the racers taking on the 100 mile course this year. It’s a dry and dusty one out there!


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  • B.A.R.27

    rear triangle on these Humble frames is so aesthetically pleasing. But, I’m having a hard time understanding how the seatpost clamp works out…?

  • mrbiggs

    How is chain tension adjusted on this beauty? I see no sliders and I’d bet money that’s a threaded BB. So I’m scratching my head.

    • Julius

      Using an ENO hub maybe?

      • mrbiggs

        Looks like a DT 350 back there. Just a glimpse on photo 27. But an ENO would work.

        • Tim Guarente

          Yeah, that looks like a 350, and there’s a cassette lockring holding that Surly cog on.

      • Looking close at a few of the angled full photos, my guess would be on an exzentriker BB.

      • Eccentric BB

    • mary

      It’s actually bb30 so I use an eccentric bottom bracket.

      • mrbiggs

        Very cool. Thanks.

      • DominicBruysPorter

        totally thought it was an ENO eccentric hub!

  • nothingfuture

    I love that they left the repairs visible- it would have been easy (but expensive) to strip and repaint the whole frame. I like the evidence of the bike’s life and wear. It’s like a nicely broken in and patched pair of jeans.

  • Rawny

    Thee OG rowdy tuff grrrl!!!

    • she got third today womens SS! Such a bad ass.

  • Josh Monteith

    Makes me want a SS custom build. My next bike no doubt.

  • This bike is nuts

    • AdamBike99

      Funny, I was thinking “this bike is tits!” 8-)
      (can we still say that?)

  • JLN

    Cantilever brakes in 2018? How does she even stop?

  • Johno Montgomery

    What? Canti’s… QR’s… and no Power Meter? How does she even ride?

  • Justin Scoltock

    Just a straight up no nonsense, badass bike. Mary must be too! Congrats on 3rd!

  • May Tsupros

    Just for the record, Mary WON Landrun 100 for SS women on this beauty in 2017. Thanks for the Chi- lady feature John! Nice riding with you yesterday.

  • So much about this bike that just makes me happy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jon Severson

    I really love it when you feature bikes like this. In a day and age when we’re pushed to buy new stuff it’s great to see fine examples of how repurposing and reusing can really stand out. You don’t always have to have new, and you don’t always need a $500 paint job to stand out.

  • There was a lot of cool bikes at LR100, but this one had me at first sight!

  • Sean Fleming

    “Good steel frames never die; they just get repaired” — amen

  • Leroy

    If you own and ride this bike, then you are cool. That’s all.

  • DominicBruysPorter

    That’s how to do it!

  • Marcus Davis

    Super rad!