Land Run 100 Rides: Austin from Austin’s Chumba Terlingua

The Land Run 100 draws people from all over the world, including Texas. Austin drove in from Austin, with his brand new Chumba Terlingua, ready to roll 100+ miles single speed. With no rain in the forecast – #RIPmud – he packed in a big tire and got ready to ride the rolling hills, through the red dirt countryside.

While there were many exceptional builds at the event, I have to say, this was one of the most original I saw. With Onyx Racing Hubs, an Absolute Black ring, Paul Klampers, Hope Rotors, WTB Riddler tires, matching spoke nipples and a mean, race fit, this bike looked as good in motion as it does sitting here.

Austin, great to meet you, pardna’, tell the grackles I said I miss them!


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  • JimmyMcNulty

    That purple/orange combo is v tight.

  • intelli9

    Oval chainring and no tensioner? HOW is it possible?!

  • dr_schmoctor

    Good lookin build – the oval ring plus ss drivetrain confuses me though…

    • Tim Guarente

      As to why, or how it works? The overall wrap of the ring doesn’t change much from the approx 1/2 ring. This Park Tool article covers it rigorously:

      • Yeah, people who use oval rings swear by them, especially on SS bikes, where cadence is a huge concern

        • Damien Milazzo

          I’ll add my experience as well. I use Absolute Black Ovals on both my road/gravel/cx bike, and it works very well. I don’t realize its oval, which to me says a lot. On the other hand, on my single speed, it really seems to make a difference. It feels better both while grinding out of the saddle, and it helps with keeping a smooth pedal stroke at stupidly fast cadences.
          I also have zero issues with chain retention. Its setup so that at the largest diameter the chain is at the proper tension, and it gets looser from there. I’ve been riding the bike (Moots MootoX RSL Rigid) throughout the Southwest for two years without issue.

  • Yemble

    What’s that grommet-like thing under the valve?

  • mrbiggs

    Chumba, check. Klampers and Tall & Handsome, check. Riddlers, check. 42×19, check. Marred King headset, check. Love this bike.

    • macatarere

      Hope, check, Onyx, double check.

  • love this thing! its nice to see a company that understands proper placement of bottle mounts on a cx/gravel rig!

  • barry mcwilliams

    Love, love this bike.

  • multisportscott

    This is awesome. Any idea what the saddle bag is please?

    • Inside Line Equipment

      • multisportscott

        Thanks John

  • Erik_A

    Any idea what model fork it is?

    • Enve

      • Erik_A

        Thanks John!

        • Austin

          Yep, ENVE CX.

  • Austin from Austin

    John, great talking with ya and thanks for the great shots! My wife just caught me looking at pictures of my own bike, she thinks I have a problem.

    • Ryan

      Outstanding build my man, killer in every choice.

      • Austin from Austin


    • Alex(K)

      She might be right… ;)

      • Austin from Austin

        She usually is!

  • Tom Greek

    Wow. That’s a great bike!

  • Eric Hancock

    I love being surprised by bikes on here and this one definitely surprised me. I’ve been daydreaming about building up an All City Gorilla Monsoon to have a similarly fun setup.

    • Mike Major

      Can’t wait to see other people’s GM builds! Stoked for mine to arrive for my build…waiting waiting April can’t come soon enough.

  • Harry

    Are they the 37 or 45 Riddlers? Have you had any issues setting them up tubeless? (looking for my next tyre in that size range, my compass tyres sadly dont hold air)

    • Austin from Austin

      They are the Resolute 42. They set up fine and the only difference I noticed was the gum wall tire seemed to weep a little while before it sealed up.

  • singlespeedscott

    Those tyres are Resolute’s, not Riddler’s.

    • Got it. Will fix it when I’m outta the Utah back country. (Amazing to have a signal!)

  • Thanks for the positive comments regarding our oval chainrings and SS use, really appreciate it. AB

  • ryan gross

    Anyone know who makes that top tube pack?

    • Austin from Austin

      That is an Alamo top tube bag from Rogue Panda Designs.

      • ryan gross

        Thanks Austin – Beautiful build.

        • Austin from Austin


  • Peter Chesworth

    Nice beausage. Always include that last photo with the owner. Bike is nothing without the owner. Static object comes to life through owner’s smile.

    • Ryan

      I agree; it adds a lot.

    • I try to for sure. Some people don’t want to be photographed though. 🤙🏻

  • J Kevin Carmichael

    Austin…very cool bike. It is on my short list….can you talk about how it rides?

    • Austin from Austin

      My favorite part of the ride is the handling, the faster you go the more stable the bike gets but isn’t at all sluggish. You can be bombing down a hill and flick the the bike around to dodge those too big chunks of gravel and it stays predictable. I’ve ridden it on some of our very chunky limestone single track and it does well at the slower stuff but at speed is where it shines. It’s a very comfortable and playful bike. It’s pretty much become my go to for mess around town stuff.

      • J Kevin Carmichael

        Thanks….looking at the Hakka MX and the Stigmata as well. All different flavors on the basic theme I know which actually makes it tougher. Must say though yours is a beauty.

        • Austin from Austin

          Thanks! Yeah there are too many bikes and not enough garage space…

          • J Kevin Carmichael

            True Dat…Have you ridden it both 700c and 650b…comments?

          • Austin from Austin

            I have not. I need to find a set to borrow. I think it looks great set up with thick road slicks.

          • J Kevin Carmichael

            Looks great for sure, thanks for the info!

  • Jamie Brockway

    Such a sweet ride Austin. Can I ask what size it is or please?

    • Austin from Austin

      Thank you, It is a size 58.

  • Nathan Crissman

    Out of curiosity, why choose a Terlingua over a Stinner Romero? I’ve narrowed my selection down to these two frames, help me decide.