SORRY SOLD OUT! YO 26oz “Long Bed” Bottles Mar 12, 2018

Inspired by the 1980s Toyota DLX pickup body stripe decals and even Ivan Stewart’s own trophy trucks, these 26oz long bed bottles are just at home blasting through the deserts on a mtb as they are perched inside some King Cages on your road bike. Props to all the ill-shitty Toyota pickups, keepin’ it classy with the YO.

These are in stock now. SORRY SOLD OUT! A PAIR of bottles are $27.00 shipped in the USA or $37.00 shipped worldwide. Pick up a set below!

  • Cody Brooke

    John, I love these bottles and the design. Is it possible to order two pairs to be shipped together? I’m picking up a set for myself and a set for my buddy and I’m trying to just do one shipment.

    • Cody, I’ll combine your orders and refund shipping. I usually limit orders to one per customer to ensure the most people can order possible, but since you’re ordering for a friend, I’ll allow it.

      • Cody Brooke

        Thanks John, order(s) placed. I appreciate it.

  • Matt Jacobs

    Es possible to buy just one?

    • Unfortunately, not this round.

      • Matt Jacobs

        No worries, I look forward to next round! IMO this goes really well with the Team Dream bottle in similar colorway.

  • DopePedaler

    i guess the N+1 rule applies to water bottles too

  • Clayton Harper

    Sold out in 2 hours! Nice work! Any chance you’ll run some more?

    • Yep! I didn’t want to overdo it with these since I had no idea how they’d sell, so yeah, I’ll re-up this design and push through the others in the queue. :-)

  • Chris Valente

    Grabbing a set of these I think will finally motivate me to pop for some King Cages. Can’t be thrashing them shiny white bottles!

  • Sebastian Burnell

    nice…reminds me of old Peugeot bicycle decals…

  • Alan

    HOWDY CACTI BOTTLE art by Kyler Martz
    John could you please do another run of these. They’re Awesome!

  • Jason Sosa

    too perfect for this breadwinner

    I also want a set when they are available again

  • Andrew Kilmartin

    definitely need another run for those in other time zones!

  • Kurt Schneider