Golden Saddle Rides: Jimmy’s Dreamer is in the Crust Bike Clouds

“I just wanted a touring bike.”

That was Jimmy’s response when I asked him to sum up his Crust Bikes Dreamer build. The thing is, this is not just a touring bike and whether Jimmy wants to admit it or not, a lot of thought went into this bike. Just look at the build kit!

Let’s take a step back for a second. We’ve looked at a Dreamer build before. Darren, the creator of this bike, had his build featured here. Darren’s thoughts on this bike are pretty simple. He began with an off-road, drop bar geometry, beefed up the clearance, added some braze-ons and was done. The Dreamer is a light tourer, with air-hardened main tubes that are light and strong, without weighing the bike down. The chainstays are aircraft-grade steel which are bent to clear the chainring and tires while offering less flex while pedaling. These frames use 12mm thru-axles, have front rack mounts, three bottle mounts, and a steel fork. Dreamers are meant to be front-loaders, with the rear mounts only designed for a bag support rack, not panniers. If you’d like a low-trail version of the Dreamer, Darren can do that, too.

The price for these frames is $1675.00 +S&H, with a $500 non-refundable deposit. The Dreamers are made in Los Angeles, by Darren and Jimmy’s bike is a good example of Darren’s craft. Darren has broken down more info on the Dreamer at the Crust site, where these bikes are on pre-order, are available in any color – a special for this pre-order. You can pre-order the bike now with a $500 deposit and have a month or so to pick out your color. Not a bad deal!

Ok, now back to Jimmy’s build. Not wanting another drop bar bike, the JJJ Bar inspired the feel of the bike. A Nitto rack supports the Wald basket, and offers a mounting point for the Sinewave light, ran from a SON hub. For gearing, SRAM’s Eagle GX and White Industries Cranks. His wheels are robust Velocity Blunt rims, with WTB Byway tires. PAUL short pull Klampers with Canti levers and when the going gets rough, Jimmy’s got a QR seatpost clamp to drop his saddle a bit.

This bike began as a go-to-tourer and is living its life as an innercity singletrack shredder, and found itself acting as a grocery getter and everything in between, as touring bikes often do. Jimmy’s specs and build kit were chosen after building dozens of bikes like this for customers, seeing what works and what doesn’t and most importantly, buying shit that lasts…

If you’d like to pre-order a Dreamer, do so fast! The pre-sale ends tomorrow. If you want a bike like Jimmy’s, holler at Golden Saddle Cyclery.


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.

  • AaronBenjamin

    This bike is dope! One of these days I’ll drop by Golden Saddle after work now that DST is back.

  • Andrew Arevalo

    Definetly the coolest bike Jimmy owns

  • radlandscyclist

    Probably my favorite bike featured on this site! Anyone know a rough estimate of what a build like this would cost? I’m tempted to call up GSC!

    • Call Jimmy today and talk to him.

    • Jordan Muller

      I’m currently pricing out a Rivendell with a similar build kit, its at around 4500.

  • Andrew Winkler

    It pays to be the manager of GSC

  • Zian

    Looks like such a fun everyday city ripper

  • AdamBike99

    Please tell us more about adding pins to the MKS pedals!
    Oh yeah, nice rig dude!

  • Jason Berkey

    Looks like such a fun bike!!!

  • Ryan Flynn

    Definetly the coolest Jimmy that Dreamer owns

  • Nicholas Haig-Arack

    Nice one, Jimmy! That’s a proper life-bike.

  • James Walton

    Probably my favorite band.

  • This bike is super cool and I wanna be friends with Jimmy.

  • Jordan Muller

    Damn, this is really my idea of a perfect bicycle. That thing checks a whole lotta boxes as far as adaptability to a ton of different riding situations.

  • Yep, this is why I hit up GSC a few weeks ago to order one :) Great photos of a beautiful bike. (Also I think it’s a Sinewave Cycles Beacon light. )

  • Sinewave Cycles

    The description says Supernova but I think that’s a Sinewave Beacon headlight.

  • Richard

    I like his T-shirt.

  • Matthew J

    If your trip takes you away from rainless country you might want fenders. Other than that, the bike looks ready and willing to do a nice long tour to me.

  • slickfast

    What is the draw to that light over something like an Edelux? Just seems like a huge price increase over an awesome light to me, unless the built-in charging is a huge deal to you. Is that it?

    This is a SICK bike that I’ve been wanting for a while now! Wish I had the funds to pre-order one, but marriage is expensive :) Next year!

    • It charges your USB devices, has three energy modes and maintains a solid beam at low speeds. In short: it’s better.

  • Sebastian Burnell

    I would like to see this build done to a elephant explorer frame….

  • F. Harder

    looks like a versatile bike, but I dont like the massive stem and spacer tower.
    Those 395 gram rims would not work on a touring bike for anyone over 80 kgs. Actually I would not use these for a touring bike even for such a small and lightweight rider. These are racing rims, not really reliable. A stronger rim like ryde edge 21 with eyelets would last longer.
    Do not like the seatpost, one screw seatposts are unnecessarily dangerous.

    • Sebastian Burnell

      blunt 35…555g…they last, don`t they?

    • Alex Steadman

      The Blunt SS definitely has a weak sidewall hook (I can’t figure out if that’s the right term, whatever the part of the rim is that hits rocks when you bottom out) but overall the rim seems solid to me based on a lotta bikepacking.

    • skog_smog

      That’s a Nitto S83, which has two bolts (yeah, you can only see one in the photo) and is considered by lots of people to be the best seatpost ever made.

  • F. Harder

    ah ok they used the 35 version. Ok fair enough, they are more durable, but I would’t use them either for the byways since they are wider than they need to be.
    25-26mm inside rim width is more than enough for 47mm tires.
    Spacer towers…I should have left that box closed :)

  • Ryan Cavanaugh

    Does anyone know what bottle cage that is on the seat tube? King cage?

  • Joakim

    Anyone knows where I can get a hold of that steel basket?

    • It’s a Wald basket. Your local shop should have them.