Chumba’s Made in Texas Rastro Long Travel 27.5+ Hardtail Mar 12, 2018

With a geometry tuned for a 140mm or 150mm fork and build kits ranging from $2995 to $3595 for a complete, the Chumba Rastro long travel 27.5+ hardtail looks to be a strong competitor for those looking at buying a new hardtail. Chumba makes all their frames outside of Austin, Texas and works with Fox and Shimano components. These complete prices reflect various modes: Trail, Enduro, and All-Trail but you can request a build spec of your own and even buy just the frame. Bottom line is; the build options are endless on a more than capable frame.

Check out more specs at Chumba and I hope to get to review one of these bikes!

  • Chris McKleroy

    Quite a huckable rig! Is this Chumba in any relation to the makers of the Chumba Wumba Zulu DH rig from way back in the day?

    • Yeah, same company, rebooted a few years back with new owners.