Anna’s Gunnar Hyper-X Covered in Paul Comp – Jarrod Bunk

Anna’s Gunnar Hyper X Covered in Paul Comp
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

I’ve seen a lot of bikes built around a theme, one where you wonder where the mind of the person wanders.  This bike is one of those.  Initially, an Ocean Air Cycles Stem Top sparked this build which then turned into one of the best uses for gold and blue ano on a bike.  The mash-up is so good, I had to double take.  Anna’s Gunnar is covered with matching Paul Component from top to bottom, but my favorite pieces are definitely the Klampers. From there its built with a wild set of Gevanalle shfiters, White Industries headset and a mix of SRAM components.

I visited town a little while ago, granted it’s still snowy in some parts of the world, but I’m sure this will be ripping the River Bottoms shortly, probably with some different rubber.  I love this bike!


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  • skog_smog

    YES. So good to see some Wisconsin steel on The Radavist. I like Gunnar’s use of modular dropouts. I’m tempted to order a Fastlane with Paragon rockers.

  • Kevin J. Smith

    Stellar! That stem and headset combo is stunning. Excellent curation of components and colors. Someday we’ll figure out a thing to secure the rear brake cable other than zip ties though. I see zip ties on so many disc brake bikes and it’s like a major scratch in the paint to me.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    Who made those hubs?

    • jtbadge

      Look like Bitex Center Locks:

      • Yep! It’s an amazing bang-for-your-buck hubset. I’ve been very happy with them.

        • jtbadge

          I agree – awesome value, solid product. I’ve had a set of wheels with their road hubs laced to Archetypes that I’ve probably used on 5 different bikes.

          • Ha, you’re describing what will be the new training wheelset for my bike, #beezerthewaterford.

          • bicyclecrumbs

            Those are still kicking?

          • jtbadge

            I actually just trued them for the first time. A couple of thousand miles in, including a lot of gravel.

    • Dolan Halbrook

      Man, those look so much like the Bullseyes I had on my BMX bike in the 80s…

  • Jeff McAllister

    What rotors are those? Panaracer gumwalls FTW!

    • They’re TRP.

      • Jeff McAllister

        Thanks for this. I’ve heard pairing Klampers with Shimano IceTech rotors can be problematic. Do other rotors with aluminum carriers present similar difficulties?

        • I have Klampers with Shimano Rotors on my Spacehorse without issue, I also have Klampers on my Northern with Hope Tech Rotors without issue other than setting them up a little off of center to clear the rivet. That being said I have these TRP rotors paired to a Shimano Hydro brake and like them a lot.

        • mrbiggs

          I’ve got Klampers with combinations of these same TRP, Shimano Ice, and Avid HSX. All is fine. Bike stops, no noise. I had one set of Avid HSX that had to be replaced because of weird judders, but that was a defect in the rotor. The only issues I have is when I go from my 6-bolt to center-lock wheels I have to adjust the Klampers.

  • Rob Borek

    can’t buy taste eh!

    • Sterling Eckard

      Too edgy, bro

  • WHY!?

    What hoops are these? Its really hard finding silver hoops without brake tracks. These have the shops label on them so I wasn’t able to search.

    • I think they’re Velocity Aileron

    • Velocity Ailerons.

    • Mike Major

      Velo Orange makes a good set as well. Have had them on my Soma Fog Cutter for about a year now; Love ’em.

  • Brooke Crum

    Sick whip Anna!

  • Chris Valente

    Not my style but you do you girl. Side note – why has no one come up with a better cable guide system than zip ties? It irks me on my bikes and on all beautiful bikes such as this one…

    • Brian Richard Walbergh

      There are some guides that use cable clips that bolt into threaded braze-ons. Twin Six uses them on all their frames and they were a breeze when I built one for a friend. You can choose x1 or x2 clips very slick.

      • Chris Valente

        Right! I have seen those but only on the T6 frames. So many custom builder use braze-ons with zip ties and it seems so out of place. Ok nit pick over…

        • Those plastic clips suck, they might be slightly more appealing than a zip tie, but they are more prone to failure/falling off. I still think fishing line ala Shifter Bikes is the answer but not everyone wants to spend the time wrapping that way. That being said this bike is too gorgeous as a whole to give a shit about if it has zip ties or not.

          • Jared Jerome

            I use the aluminum ones from Paragon sometimes, they’re pretty cool (and have 1-4 cables), but only really an option for down/top tubes. That said I also agree that zip ties really don’t bother me; I don’t even really notice them.

          • The paragon setup on the DT is great.

          • colavitos_ghost

            Do you have a link to the fishing line deal? I’m curious!

          • Shifter bikes on instagram, scroll through the pics he posts them everyonce in a while.

          • Chris Valente

            Shifter has the best solution by far but looks not for the faint of heart. His IG feed in general is pretty amazing for the attention to detail on his builds.

          • Yes, it would take time, but is much more aesthetically pleasing, that being said a zip tie takes no time but isn’t as elegant. It just depends on if you think it’s worth putting the time in for aesthetics. To me, on most of my bikes it’s not worth it, but would pursue it if I were building someone else’s bike.

          • Chris Valente

            Totally. Honestly i fucking love zip ties. But the other day i was doing something on my bike and sliced my hand on a sharp end and was like, “there has to be a better way!!!!”

          • colavitos_ghost

            One thing I’ve learned is to cut zip ties with your standard, garden variety nail clippers. They cut very close and, for that matter, any excess dangle is completely devoid of sharp corners.

          • Is there something about this I’m missing? Because I don’t understand why zip ties are even being used instead of proper brazed on cable guides. Is this just to keep the cables from touching the frame?

    • Tim Guarente

      I used some titanium wire on my bike when I first built it up. It was a bad plan. It had no real tensile strength, so it would snap when I tied it, and the ends are real knee slicers.

  • Jake Smith

    What gevenalle shifters work with SRAM? SINCE WHEN?

    • Julius

      SRAM bar-end shifters mounted to Gevenalle levers.

    • chrismoustache

      I’ve seen some hacks Sram TT levers to Gevenalle stuff. I think the ones on this setup are just set to friction?

  • Such a fantastic build!
    Been imagining gevenalle shifters on silver levers/gum hoods for a while. Nice to actually see it on a bike.

  • Farneybuster

    Couldn’t find blue zip ties? Never mind my comment about paying attention to every little detail in the color scheme…

    • Eh… there are a lot of things that aren’t perfect. Each one bothers me on a deep level. (The gold chain and chainring bolts aren’t as gold as the gold ano on the White Ind and PAUL parts, the Jagwire ferrules are not the same blue as the blue ano. The Ferrari red X9 RD isn’t the same rainbow metallic red as the frame. The chainring is black. The Terry Topo saddle and Northern Rose tape aren’t the same gray. Etc. Etc. Etc.).

      I did have blue zip ties- they were okay. The green kind of reminded me of Duplos when I was a kid when shown with the rest of the colors. The whole bike is styled around that Ocean Air Cycles stem top (which had been sitting on my desk for months, distracting me from my work because it was so fun to play with) and is themed around children’s toys… so the green zip ties worked for me and made me smile.

  • Peter Chesworth

    With each passing year of fads and tech, the mechanicalness of Paul looks more and more attractive.

  • Dave Pelletier

    just realized this thing takes me back to early 80’s BMX bikes ala mixed ano, as does the torment about slightly mismatched colors, etc.