Annalisa’s Breadwinner Lolo Has a Lotta Portland Love

Bicycles are often the by-product of their environment, their peer group, and their community. Sure, that might be extending a lot of credit to an inanimate object, but over the years, it’s easy to see that people often kit out their bikes based on these conditions. For people like Annalisa, from Endurance PDX and the We Got to Hang Out podcast, her road bike is a by-product of her community in Portland.

Next door to Endurance PDX is a little company called Breadwinner Cycles. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? Tony and Ira, along with a very talented team, build beautiful bikes, designed to be ridden hard on various terrain. The Lolo is their classic, rim brake road bike with room for chubby road tires and a beautiful paint job. Annalisa built her bike up with Chris King parts, another Portland, Oregon-based company and wheels built by none other than Sugar Wheel Works, you guessed it, yet another company that calls Portland home.

While Annalisa was in town doing bike fits at Golden Saddle Cyclery and interviewing Jen Whalen for their latest podcast, I took this Red 22 eTap-equipped roadie to the photo wall for some up close and personal photos.

Thanks to Annalisa for being such a positive and supportive voice in the cycling industry. I can’t wait to come hang with y’all later this summer.

  • Bluejaystr

    There is something about the clean lines of a good ‘ol road bike that is just so satisfying…

    • jtbadge

      Especially here, with the internal brake routing and no accommodations for a mechanical shift group.

  • boomforeal

    the old electric tape seatpost shim for the win

    • Pretty sure it’s to mark the saddle height for when she travels.

      • boomforeal

        ah, smrt

  • Andrew Demack

    This is a gorgeous gorgeous bike, but whenever I see a color-matched frame pump, I see a minor triumph of fashion over function. The number of valve stems I slowly wrecked with those frame pumps (the good ol Zefal HPX we all had in the 90s) was a number way higher than zero. The number of valve stems wrecked since I’ve been using the Topeak Morphs or Lezyne Micro FloorDrives for the last 10 years is still zero.

    • Chris Valente

      Floor pumps are tricky to carry on a ride though.

    • AlTilleythebum

      Yeah my last frame pump is in a pasture somewhere because I hurled it in disgust after it left me stranded one morning.

      But GD there’s something irresistibly gorgeous and elegant about a color-matched frame pump. I’d be tempted to have one on there for looks and carry the Lezyne in my jersey pocket or something.

    • I love fashion and triumph!

      • Andrew Demack


    • Jonathan McCurdy

      Having just had the pleasurable opportunity to change a couple flats with two frame pumps and one hand pump in the past month or so, I can speak a little to that. Love the lezyne microfloor drive, but it’s simply too big for a quick road ride. The handdrive though, is pretty decent, but takes quite a while to get the tires inflated adequately. I used this very same Topeak frame pump for about two years, and tbh I never liked it. It makes a terrible seal with the valve, and the plasticy parts don’t fit together well. In fact mine rattled itself apart on a ride and I had to get a CO2 from a kind stranger when I flatted. I tossed it after that.

      I just got one of the Zefal HPX pumps a few weeks ago, and have been very pleased. All aluminum construction and enough of a cam lever to keep it attached to the valve. Do not know how you could wreck a valve unless one was being careless (perhaps easy to do i na frustrating 100 degree flat change). But I’ve also destroyed a lezyne hose by pumping carelessly.

  • Ryan Maynard Eames

    dirty tan walls make me cry

    • It was rainy in LA all weekend. She rode in the rain.

      • Ryan Maynard Eames

        and why were they not immediately cleaned?

        • Ryan Maynard Eames

          I type whilst sat here with my tan walls extremely dirty …

          • Richard

            Long live beausage!

        • cuz I like dirty, used bikes. Especially after shooting so many pristine bikes at NAHBS. Dirty bikes have character. ;-)

    • I’m pretty sure they came like this.

  • Chris Valente

    Every Breadwinner I see makes me want one more. Love this color scheme.

  • GNARdina

    What do you think about that ergon seat? is it just a good seat, or is it something exceptional? I’m starting to look at replacements for my old charge spoon.

    • I don’t want to speak for Annalisa too much but she mentioned about how it exceeded her expectations and liked it a lot.

    • I’m so stoked about it, just replaced my Specialized Power saddles with it.

      • GNARdina

        oh cool, thanks

  • Randy Sanders

    I love the color