A Cable-Actuated IRD “Dropper” Post? Mar 12, 2018

Photo by Erik Hillard

Wednesday on the Radavist, we’ve got a big, fat (tire) gallery from the Keyesville Classic, the longest-running MTB race in the USA. Included in Erik’s photos is this 1989 IRD cable-actuated “dropper.” Sure, this might not be news to anyone who dives deep in the vintage MTB realm, but it’s the first I’ve seen this specific model. Photos like this can get lost in a big gallery, so I wanted to give it some light on its own… I can’t wait to see something like this leave a custom frame builder’s shop.

  • MansNotHot

    Really curious how this works. With a Hite Rite, you open the clamp, and then the spring + either rider weight/absence of rider weight moves the post to the desired height, right? So then the cable on this photo is opening and closing the seatpost clamp, and doing it with enough force to keep the seat in place?

  • Erik Hillard

    I’ve been told this IRD piece was developed in 1988, released in 1989.

  • Tony Clifton

    Paging Paul Price… paging Paul Price… you’re wanted on the mad scientist CNC hotline…

  • jontoseverson

    Yep. Remember when it came out. Think I still have the issue of MBAction this was features in.

    Recall seeing it pop up for awhile. Wasn’t an unknown by any means at the time. Jusy no one really felt they needed it. But that’s why MTB’s were more XC than enduro bro too.

    From what I heard, it wasn’t that easy to use and wasn’t offered for very long. Hite rite’s were rare as is, and often laughed at as unneeded. But, I hear they worked as advertised. I still would oove to try one.