Whisky Parts Co’s Private Stock: Ben’s Rock Lobster and Steve Potts

Whisky Part’s Private Stock: Ben’s Rock Lobster and Steve Potts
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

Private Stock. A term reserved the best of the best when it comes to distilling American whiskey, Scotch whisky, and bourbon. For Whisky Parts Co, a brand within the umbrella that is Quality Bicycle Products, their aim is to design the best parts possible and get the most people using those parts as possible. Part of that comes from OE sales and the other brands within QBP using Whisky Parts when it makes sense, yet there is a growing demand from Domestic and International frame builders, to create products specifically for niche market requests. We’ve seen Whisky do so with their road, cross and mountain forks, as well as their wheels and components over the years.

For Ben Witt, Whisky’s marketing and sales director, he felt the need to not only embrace the niche market of frame building, but to use the parts for two of his own bikes; a Rock Lobster all-road and Steve Potts dirt drop mtb. We’ve seen a number of Private Stock builds from the Whisky team here on the Radavist over the years, but these two are some of the best.

Thanks to Ben for taking the time to let us showcase these bikes and Kyle for the great photos! My fingers are cold just typing this up!


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  • Ryan

    Wow, what a pair. That Potts SS speaks to me.

  • Justin Scoltock

    What a fine set of bikes! That green on the RL is too good!

    • AdamBike99

      Lets get some of that spritzed on one of your rigs. ;-)

  • Chris Valente

    That is one of the nicest Rock Lobsters I’ve ever seen, but the wheels are the least appealing part. At least the eye sore branding…

    • Ryan

      You don’t want WHISKY in all caps, 2″ letters, in twelve locations? How will people know how much money you spent?

      • Chris Valente

        HAHA! I don’t. But it’s probably less than what the dude with 12 ENVEs on his wheels spent…

  • Eyeam Nammed Tree

    looks like the front disc brake lock ring got shaved

    • Yep! We’re hoping White Industries fixes this. We’ve been having to do this a lot with their hubs and certain forks.

      • Alec White

        We have something in the works we just want to make sure it doesn’t cause more problems then it fixes.

  • Peter Hedman

    That Potts is just the ne plus ultra for me… Excellent build, great frame proportions, “real” 1 1/8″ headtube, etc. If only it were a Type II fork on there…

    • Ben Witt

      Hey Peter, this bike normally has a Type 2 in it. Steve made some changes to the fork for me recently. The Type 2 will be reunited with it on Monday. ;)

      • Peter Hedman

        Wonderful. Updated photo will be required…