We’re Going to Land Run this Year Feb 26, 2018

Photos by Jarrod Bunk

Yep. We’re going to Land Run 100 this year to hang with the team at District Bicycles, document the ride, the bikes and the people of the event and of course, to just hang out. We’d like to encourage anyone who’s on the fence about coming out to do so. As for my personal bike, I’ll be posting about my setup in the next week or so, with thoughts about how to deal with mud, the weather and camera gear. Expect more shortly and if you haven’t ever heard of Land Run, check out Jarrod’s documentation on the related sidebar to the left.

  • Ryan

    I’ve got two SS ready to go depending on weather.

  • I’m curious about your setup, I know I’m running a way smaller tire if it’s wet this year.

    • I’m bringing the Crema with a 38mm tire on a 700c rim and a full-size frame bag. If it’s muddy in sections, I’ll be carrying my bike MTB style by the fork and the crank arm on my back.

      • Andrewthemaker

        Are you guys doing the full 100?

        • Fundo

          • Andrewthemaker

            Guess I should start “training” and praying for dry roads?

          • benreed

            Landrun Training: Smear peanut butter mixed with sand all over your hands and drivetrain, ride 15 miles, and then call someone to pick you up.

      • jtbadge

        “If it’s muddy” – I like the optimism there!

  • i will be there and will bring several sandwiches and a big bag of drubs.

  • Pat Smith

    I’m looking forward to this !!

  • Travis Dubose


  • Ben Reed
  • Daniel Smith

    It’s a pretty rad event. Bobby and everyone else at District put on a great time. This was going to be the 3rd year in a row for me, and first to do the full 100. However, I found out a couple of weeks ago that my niece’s Quinceanera is the same day. I’ll be back for 2019, though!

    Jon, really looking forward to your coverage. This is the best event in all of Oklahoma, atmo!

    • Bummer you’re going to miss it, heard its not going to be muddy this year

      • Daniel Smith

        No Mud!?! It’s not the Land Run without mud. I just hope there’s less hypothermia this year…

  • rsigworth

    Make sure you hit the Beer Barn for some drive-thru brew.

    • Ryan

      Nothing good comes from the barn.