This is the Wildest Firefly I’ve Ever Seen Feb 9, 2018

… and I can’t stop eyeing it on their Flickr. Seriously, this is amazing. Everything about this build is wild. Discuss…

  • nothingfuture

    You know… yeah. I’d ride that.
    I mean, the Klein-esq paint job isn’t my jam, really, but everything else? I see nothing I could possibly complain about. That thing looks like a good fun time to rip around on.

  • Ryan Maynard Eames

    Drop the paint and is it special? I cannot see too much that really sets it apart from others..

    • Mark Rothschild

      Drop your Pants..noth’n Special

      • FireFly

        Mark, Send us your address. We would like to send you a gift.

        • Nathan Crissman


  • JB

    It hurts my eyes

  • Theodor Rzad

    I seriously dig it. The owner had a clear vision w/ a funky 90’s MTB sensibility that I too indulge in from time to time ;) I LOVED the Klein fades back when they were the apex predators of the mega-expensive/lightweight/unobtainable bikes in my local shop.

    Plus, the 650×48 roadie thing is quite the zeitgeist these days. Kudos to Firefly for getting the chainstays between a road crank and that plump tire without Rivendell stays, too (430mm?)

  • Mashira

    I mostly mountain bike. Use a road bike for endurance on the mountain bike. Had/have many varieties and brands from both. Got to demo the flagship Slate last year. Hands down the most fun I’ve had on a drop bar bike. Took the bike down a few real black diamond trails. Cannondale’s aluminum manipulation made the bike pedal way more responsively than it looked. Sweet to see the Oliver applied. Color combo is kooky I love it.

    • dbradley

      I believe you meant the color combo is Kooka? ;)

  • Dickson C

    Is that a repainted Cannondale Slate? =P

  • ChicanoHoodPass


  • Louis Reilly

    Gimme that!

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    crazy. good crazy? either high polish or black cages would set it off.

  • GNARdina

    At first, the way the paint is sprayed made it look like it was a chameleon paint.

  • Colin White

    Sexiest lefty ever.

  • Richard

    That is an outstanding use of gum wall. Wow.
    And yes when I worked at The Bike Gallery in Portland in 1990 building up Klein Attitudes etc. every time I would test ride them that fade paint would turn. Every. Head.
    Bonus points for the way they did the logo on the down tube.

  • El Mundi

    This is not the first Lefty/Gravel Combo I’ve seen from Firefly. The other one might have been a 700c though…

    Whether raw titanium or this one, I think they’re indeed amazing!

    • Jack

      Think that this could be a little too loud to me, the raw titanium just looked so right.

  • Kevin

    Man, this thing looks fun…one hell of a party bike! Kinda makes me want to squeeze some wider rubber back onto my primary whip

    I’m curious as to why the M50 vs the 4.5 AR hoops (curious because I’m trying to make the same decision right now but leaning onwards the ARs)

    • M50 is MUSA. Maybe that was the deciding factor?

      • Kevin

        Oh man! I didn’t realize the ARs were not. I thought that was the whole reason for ENVE’s pricing

        • Erik Fenner

          All ENVE rims are made in the USA.

        • Ahhhhh my bad, I thought AR was a reference to another company. Didn’t realize it’s an ENVE rim.

    • Brent Kyono

      It’s a matter of 650b vs 700c, no?

  • trololo

    needs knobs IMO

    • Kevin

      You’re not wrong. :) But also, sometimes it’s a little fun to have a wide, floaty slick that makes the trail a slip ‘n slide and try to ride the lightning, ya know?

      • Nick Erickson

        I love slick tires on dirt!

  • David Devine

    @disqus_pphLoEbcqd:disqus great work!

  • James Eilers

    It is an Oliver fork, correct?

  • Avuncular

    Lovely bike. Great paint. Long live the double chainset! (My only minor quibble is the cable/hose routing on the underside of the downtube. Was it feasible to route it internally?)

  • andygowans

    Love it. I think front suspension is the missing link if you ride gravel bikes on really rough trails. Tried the Slate but that bike some has some weird steering dynamics. If this handled like my Open (with a Lefty) it would be perfect.

    • Filip Szymon

      I found the Slate handles like a motorcycle, where you push against the steering. I think those large round slicks make the bike want to dig into a turn. Personally I really like the sensation, the bike is really happy in turns and it makes the bike feel more nimble than my road bikes.

  • Adem Rudin

    Hey look, it’s the way the Slate *should* have been made! Still can’t wrap my mind around how little rear tire clearance the Slate has, yet it has a suspension fork that can swallow a massive MTB knobby…

    Anyway, this Firefly is sick, and it pushes all the right buttons. 48/32 subcompact crank and that big ‘ol 11-34 cassette is a nice combo.

    Aside: it’s amusing to me that the current GS-cage Dura Ace and Ultegra rear derailleurs are almost better mountain bike derailleurs than the previous-generation 10-speed MTB derailleurs were.

  • Max

    Did someone say, “Klein?”

  • Alex Hillis

    I take the train to/from work every day and I regularly see a classic Klein in iridescent green/purple paint and I WANT IT.

    Love everything about this, though I’d go 1x sram with a left shifter for dropper post.

  • Adam Clement

    SO Happy the bike industry doesn’t almost exclusively and blindly build bikes for TDF wanna be’s like they used to. This bike looks designed for another core requirement for bikes and nails it. FUN!

    • tertius_decimus

      I giggle every time someone states that TDF bikes are not fun. Genuine bullshit.

      • Adam Clement

        “all bikes are fun” you can quote me on that – don’t see anyone saying TDF bikes are not just welcome expanded focus from our maturing industry.

        • I feel the same way, but ‘race fit’ roadies are not fun for me. ;-)

      • 140mm stems are fun? Type 02 fun maybe… ;-)