The Frozen Road Feb 4, 2018

Ben Page takes us on an intimate journey into the Canadian Arctic:

“Self-shot and edited whilst cycling around the world, this short film charts my winter journey into the Canadian Arctic as I completed my bike ride up the American continent. Compelled by Jack London’s assertion, that ‘any man who is a man can travel alone’, I sought an adventure of perfect solitude. Yet, as I came to realize, the harsh truths of traveling in such a formidable environment were a long way from the romantic images I’d held of this land. The Frozen Road is an honest reflection on my solo trip; of the wonder, terror and frustration I experienced when riding through the unforgiving emptiness of one of the world’s ‘last great wildernesses’.”

  • Bryce Dillon

    Beautiful piece

  • nilteixido

    crazy stuff.

  • benreed

    Being that far north in the winter alone would scare the crap out of me.

  • Columbus Ohio

    This video is exactly what I DISLIKE about cycling and outdoor culture in general. White people self-imposing these daunting and brutal tasks and journeys to feel alive because they have no true burdens and so much money and free time and don’t have to worry about real fucking life and then act like they’re better than everyone else for having done it.

    If this dude shut up and dropped all the fake AF folk music this would have been beautiful.


    • Columbus Ohio


      • People who are socially flippant often are. ;-)

        • Telling me your freezing to death & describing the wolves circling, while setting up a slow mo shot of oneself few hundred yards away? Narcissism is alive and well! …and probably closer to ‘flippant’ than someone calling bullshit.

    • That’s a pretty cynical/naive view of why people do trips like this. Look at Ryan Wilson. He ain’t rich. He ain’t trying to one-up anyone. He just likes getting out/buggin’ out and seeing the world. What’s wrong with that? Would you rather him be a white dude anchored by a day job to pay for a car he doesn’t need, etc etc Fight Club etc etc? I smell jealousy, ineptitude towards the perspective that these people have about living life. Most people I know like this have tailored their lives to work their asses off to afford to take time to do a trip like this, or go to a region of the world where living is cheap and just wing it. Don’t hate the man for being good at documenting his journey… the dialog is a bit whatever, but IMO this video is about breaking out of the confines of traditional cycling documentaries and reaching a broader audience.

      • Columbus Ohio

        Well you’ve made some solid points here. Definitely something to be JUDGED case by case but who’s got the time?!?! Visually stimulating work but gee whiz drop the dialogue pal I mean c’mon.

        Definitely a cynic. You got me there.