The Athletic: Leaving Las Vegas Feb 6, 2018

Photos by Jeremy Dunn

I always enjoy reading other’s stories from rides we’ve shared. In this case, it’s the Athletic’s recap from our Death Valley ride from last December.

“John laughed at that comment. “Yeah, we’re going down some more. Like 20 miles down.” But really down? We asked because, again, we’ve all done rides like this before and sometimes the descents are punctuated with some ups. “Yeah, really down.”

“I learned more from three Dead songs than from four years of college.” Bo said this to no one in particular and it caused a ripple of laughter to run through the group.”

Check out more at the Athletic!

  • Hollis Duncan

    Got halfway through this yesterday until my ears fell in the rabbit hole that is the Shit Town podcast, but how did Jeremy break his femur?

    • I think he did it playing basketball. I’m not 100% sure though – he probably told me but my memory is shit these days. Enjoy Shit Town – it’s a good one!