Support Death Valley and MUSA Sneakers with New Balance Feb 8, 2018

I’ve got much love for our National Parks and while some have become overrun with excessive tourists, there are still many out there that offer a true wilderness experience from the safety of your car, or in our case, your bicycle. We’ve almost had our fill of desert exploration this year, but I’m always looking for ways to support our National Parks. That can come in many forms, from sharing stories or photos taken within the park boundaries – as long as you’re not using a drone! they’re like the e-bikes of cameras, and are illegal in all National Parks – to buying a yearly parks pass, or even unique collaborations like this, between J Crew and New Balance.

These limited edition, made in the USA 998 New Balances are inspired by the tonality of Death Valley’s Mojave desert, both low and high. They’re in stock now at J Crew for $180 and yes, you can ride a bicycle in them just fine. Oh and they even have an all-blue 998 model inspired by Crater Lake, but I’m not a fan of mosquitos

  • Harry

    I read the “drone is the e-bike of cameras” line in a Ken Layne voice and felt immensely satisfied.

  • mjsenz

    Don’t the higher ups at New Balance strongly support the current administration? I can’t purchase the brand because of that, regardless of the good being done by these ($180???) shoes.

  • tylernol

    No 14 😔