Restrap’s Rando Bag Feb 9, 2018

As far as innovative randonneuring bag designs without the need for a decalleur, I’d say Restrap is onto something here with their Rando Bag.

  • Florianhassler

    Ah, jeez, I think I need to buy that one since I first saw it a while ago on Instagram. My Restrap seat bag ist really great!

  • Definitely into this! The need for a decaleur is a real hindrance when people think of buying a rando bag, but in use I always find myself coming back to my Ozette because it’s so easy to get in and out of on the bike. I’m still scheming on decaleur options and it’s cool to see others are thinking outside the box too!

    • Brian Richard Walbergh

      Morgan, get out of brain. I thought I was settled on the Outershell Basket Bag but I like the idea of this more, its a little bigger, a little cleaner. Think the magnets will hold up to rough stuff? is it worth $200 to find out?

      • I’m not sure that the magnets would hold the bag over rougher terrain when the bag is “everyday” full for me. My Ozette usually weighs 8-12 pounds when I’m riding around on a daily basis. Tools, spares, clothes, and anything I happen to be carrying around that day – coffee kit, computer, whatever.

        A rando bag can really get thrown around if it’s not securely attached. Without a decaleur they don’t stay put very well, and kinda need to stay on smooth surfaces. So I guess if you only ride on pavement, the magnets are probably good?

        • Malaysian

          The magnets locate, then are secured via a fidlok mechanism. If you’ve played with any of the other Restrap stuff, or any helmets/camelbaks with the fidlok buckles you’ll be familiar with the system. Very secure. I tested the prototype, jumped some stairs, wheelies, endos, general fooling around, pretty damn solid. You’d be surprised. Extra strap at the rear stops the bag from flopping forwards under braking etc, and the bag itself has a rigid plastic internal “shell”.