Our Buddy Erik Nohlin’s Bikes Were Stolen Feb 13, 2018

… and I’m not trying to make a rhyme about it! Please, if you can head to Erik’s Instagram posts and keep an eye out for these unique bicycles. He is offering a healthy reward for their return. See each of these bikes in detail below.



Erik Nohlin +1 415 696 1434 or [email protected]
Or the SF Police [email protected]org for any info.
Bikes are registered with Bikeindex.

1. Specialized Allez Track / Red Hook Milano
Size 56. One of four bikes custom made for Red Hook Milano 2016. Custom paint by Erik Nohlin
(me) Raw Aluminum frame with black wordmarks. Matching custom carbon painted bars, seat
post and fork with a black and white pill pattern. Roval CLX 60 custom finished carbon wheels.
Rear wheel looks like wood and front like marble. Miche silver hubs and Dura-Ace silver cranks.
Saddle has a red ball mounted to it #fintotech More images on Instagram / Internet under

2. Specialized Allez 74 / 40th Anniversary Edition
Size 56. One of a kind. Reynolds steel frame and fork. Designed by Mark Di Nucci. Custom paint by Erik Nohlin (me), Orion silver to black with a silver flake. Silver Campagnolo Athena group set. Roval custom drilled tubulars 32 holes with FMB cotton tubular tires. Erik Nohlin signature is painted on top tube and downtube under the clear coat and the Mark DiNucci signature on the drive side chain stay. More images on Instagram / Internet under #74allezproject

3. Specialized AWOL Transcontinental.
Size 54. One of a kind. Painted in real rust, easily recognizable. Chromed chain stay. Sawtooth tan wall 42c tires and full Sram Rival groupset. More images on Instagram / Internet under #rustawol

4. Specialized Turbo e-bike.
Size 54. Painted matte black. One of two bikes in the world with an aero seat post and split seat stays for belt drive + eccentric BB. It doesn’t look like a stock Specialized Turbo. Hub motor says “Hardcore” in Silver Sharpie. Has a front Soma cargo rack.

5. Specialized S-Works Diverge.
Size 56. Brand new, one week old. Painted by me in a Chartreuse green with chameleon (color
changing) wordmarks. “Erik Fucking Nohlin” is handwritten on top tube and “Paint by Erik
Fucking Nohlin” is handwritten under the clear coat on the seat tube. Saddle, bartape and gas
tank are chameleon and reflective. Full SRAM Force 1x

  • Papi

    How bad can one guy’s luck be? Isn’t that Allez 74 the one that replaced his FIRST Allez 74 that was stolen? Ugh. Hope you find these. Those are some pretty unique bikes.

    • Ugh. Yeah. Sucks. The dude loves each of his bikes so much. All his creative energy goes into building them up too. They’re about as “custom” as “production” bikes can get.

  • Harry

    This is a total nightmare that’s gone through my head a few times. Monetary value is one thing but far more important is the sentimental attachment we have to our bikes. How can you ever put a dollar figure on a bike you’ve curated with your fave parts over time, adjusted the fit til its perfect and created happy memories with?

    I wish Erik the best of luck and wished I was in the area to help out in some small way.

  • Rider_X

    Completely and utterly shitty. Having had bikes I built up (from frame,
    spokes and parts) stolen, it is literally heart wrenching. Its not the monetary value as much as someone actually stealing your heart and soul.

    If everyone watches online Buy and Sells there is a good chance these can be tracked down.

  • Medium Rick


  • Mark Rothschild

    The Wonders of…Meth

    • I’m gonna say this wasn’t meth. It takes some balls and coordination to steal these bikes in the quiet of night, without alerting anyone and carting them away without being noticed.

      • Zian

        That’s a lot of bikes to take

      • Opening the garage is apparently easy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXuifg1x_-Y but rolling out 6 bikes, we live in the middle of a narrow street, unnoticed – The meth way, at 10pm with people still out, is unlikely. A targeted hit with a van is more likely to me right now. They stole all but 1 bike, the Unicorn Full Nuke AWOL and it was hanging next to the others. I reckon they ran out of space in the van and left it.

        • macatarere

          With a 20 minute drive to my nearest town of 10,000 the (meth fueled?) thefts have left my bikes and taken farm equipment easy to sell instead, so far. Shipping containers with electric (livestock) fencing is favoured by my neighbors, 6,000 volts is quite a good wake up, warning signs required. Tilt slab concrete and security gates are on the list. Very sad it has come to this, it’s not what I grew up with, I’m going to have to get used to it, older civilisations have. Best of luck with recovery and thanks for your Death Valley inspiration.

      • Max G.

        I agree, this was carefully planned and well executed. Someone has scouted Erik’s location prior to the night of theft. The thieves did the same to me last year. They scouted the garage, determined what good bikes to steal and then they did it a night later. They cut through two locks, even used some acid to weaken one of the locks, and left with three bikes and all that in 5 minutes.

  • Mashira

    I don’t comment much, but wanted to say the absolute best of luck getting these back. Will keep an eye out in NYC,

  • Thanks everyone for the support. This sucks so bad. Do me a favor and keep the lookout sharp even after today. These bikes will surface within a couple of weeks in western US or Northern Mexico and I will keep my promise of 1000$ to whoever brings them back, no questions asked.

    • Matt O’Donnell

      I’ll ride around tmrw and check out some of the Oakland chop shops. Could be worth checking out the Laney College and Alameda flea markets. I assume you’ve got the bikes registered with BikeIndex?

    • Shane

      Hi Erik,
      Another thought to tracking, CCTV in the area. If you know the clock span, you could narrow down to a few vehicles perhaps. And work from there with police if possible.

  • Vegilasagna

    Any suspicion social media such as Instagram and Strava enabled targeting? Or was this strictly a crime of opportunity?

    • radlandscyclist

      I was wondering the same thing. I have seen a lot of these posts lately and was wondering if they are usually stolen from inside a locked house or out of a car/locked outside? I want to know so I can better protect my bikes! Awful story and hope for some good news!

      • Potentially but unlikely. I haven’t outed (exactly) where I moved and Bernal is a 29.000 people area. Haven’t used Strava but heard of hits when people leave a trace all the way home. I think 1. Someone saw us move in. 2. Someone walked by we were cleaning the garage last weekend and decided to go back. 3. This is something everyone with bikes in a garage must know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXuifg1x_-Y I had no idea as this is our first garage and we had lived there a week, most garage doors can be opened like this in very little time.

        • Chris Valente

          As someone with a garage full of bikes in SF this is a terrifying video. I will defintely be double checking this when I get home. Sorry for your loss, will keep my eyes peeled!

  • Erik_A

    Have you ruled out Trek? These could currently be actively reverse engineered in in Waterloo, WI… Seriously, I hope that the police find the thieves, and I will be on the lookout for any that might pop-up on the East Coast.

  • Alex Ryll

    I’m sharing this up North, in Chico, CA. There are quite a few bike lovers that will keep their eyes out. Best of luck, that they are recognized and recovered!

  • Max G.

    I hope you had renters or mortgage insurance. It should cover some some cost of the bikes but I guess some of them are irreplaceable so… This really sucks. I know how you feel. Last year my bike was stolen and I’m still looking for it (https://bikeindex.org/bikes/109480) . Given that these bikes are quite unique they should be easily spotted. I hope the thieves are not gonna re-paint them, or even worse, chop them and sell them as parts. Good luck man.