Last Night in the Angeles National Forest Feb 8, 2018

Not every ride merits a story, nor an explanation of intent, and luckily, some photos are worth 1000 words. All I can say is I was truly humbled by yesterday’s outing into the Angeles National Forest. See more photos below!

  • Here’s an honest question: do “photo dumps” like this merit the full-res Reportage treatment? Even if there is no real story behind it? Would you guys like a more formal ride recap format? Route, data, etc? What is the best way for me to present these photos? Honest questions… please honest answers. :-)

    • edelman

      @johnprolly:disqus A write up won’t do photos like these justice. However, route/data/strava profile is super important for people new to the area trying to find good trails. Please try to included that info as often as possible!

      • Makes sense!

        • Joshua Marris

          yeah even a heads up on the trail names would be great . I’m coming to LA in March and these trails looked amazing!! Love to put them on my must ride itinerary!!

          • Holler when you’re here. These trails are part of the “Chilao Area” – horse flats, hillyer, silver moccasin. We descended all of SM on this trip…

          • Joshua Marris

            Will do!!!. It’d Be great to get out on a ride with you guys!!

    • Public_Parent

      I dig it like this; thanks, great photos.


      • happycatbasket

        please, more types of bicycling that make people with opinions like Public_Parent’s uncomfortable.

      • MTB is as far away from cars as you can get here in LA. A few close calls recently has me wanting to spend less time on the road. Even the car-free dirt road riding here still has 16 miles of round trip on busy streets with more than ever distracted drivers.

    • Matt Elliott

      I like the photos and they are really what draws me to this blog, though I do read the stories as well when included. The photos are very inspirational and make me want to get out and enjoy nature. I do appreciate trail names or route information though.

    • Donald Stevenson

      Trust your instincts.

    • Superpilot

      John, just do the photos and add a route link in the small blurb you do. I dreamt hat these rides are just off the cuff and out your back yard, and a 10 paragraph article on how shitty the traffic was getting there or who drank what beer from which titanium cup that night just wouldn’t inspire me as the straight up photo sets do. Give those that need it the location (as you said Angeles National Forest) and then a route link for those wanting the trails, and you’re good I reckon. Plus, that’s less work for you ;)

    • Andrew Winkler

      FULL-RES + WRITE UP, transport me out of this GD cubicle

      • hans

        i agree. Take me back John!

    • If you’re doing it right as a photojournalist, these photosets don’t need words to tell a story. Something like Dinah’s Baja trip, sure of course, but this small sequence of images captures the zeitgeist (pardon the art school term) of the ride/day without the need to extrapolate. It’s just enough to make me want to flip the desk over and go ride, which I gather is the point.

      Don’t really care about route data– but I also live here and can go into the shop and ask about that stuff.

      Great stuff as always man.

    • Great shots! 1 more vote for full-res + route + 1 paragraph-ish blurb.

    • Mike Kimbro

      I think these are a great supplement to the big “feature” stories, like this week’s Baja and Arctic write-ups. But if you were to write an entire story, I’d read that, too. So, what I’m sayin’ is….yes?

    • macatarere

      I’m sick of narative, it’s your site, you don’t have to explain a thing. Anyone heard from Banksy?

    • Harry

      Recent Roll 2018

      • Photo labs in LA are obnoxiously priced for what you get. Austin was soooo cheap for high-res scans (5,000px wide!) In LA, you’d pay $60usd for that.

        • Harry

          Yeah I just meant a similar format. A bunch of images, minimal copy.

          Not always, just times like this. Feels familiar and works.

    • Ryan Maynard Eames

      I find it interesting to see photo titles, or a brief run down at the top, even just a few words!

  • Matt Baffert

    A story is still a story even if it’s just photos or lacks in location details and how to do it. No matter where you’re riding, the stoke is in the experience not the location. I encourage all to get lost and explore! Great photos as always, John!

    • Samuel Jackson

      I’m with Matt. If less write up means you’re more likely to post a quick photoset, I’m into it.

      The images speak for themselves more often than not.

  • AsSeenOnOkra

    Part of me says, “Wing it. Go with what you feel.”

    The rational side says, “You need to determine what kind of post you’re going to do, and then stick with the format.”

    Then the side way back there in the corner says, “Dude, spill the beans on that new All-City!”