A Hail Mary for Rivendell Feb 23, 2018

Rivendell needs our help

“We’ve always provided special gear and encouraged any kind of riding that doesn’t require training, conquering nature, or beating others. We’ve designed and made good gear that enables a personal approach, as opposed to a sports-approach, to riding your bike. Going on 24 years.

We’re struggling now, though. Not with design, sourcing, marketing, but with cash flow. That’s always been the monkey on our back, but now it’s more like King Kong.

Bad planning and over-optimism—both my fault—and some unfortunate timing that was out of our control, have created a threat we might not be able to ride out unless we chuck up a Hail Mary that works, so here it is.

We hope two-thirds of you will buy a $10 credit—for $10—to be used whenever you want. And there’s a bonus: A new printed frame and bike catalog will be at the printer by the end of March (it’s too late to pull out now). We’ll print one for every $10 credit sold, plus 250 extras, and we’ll send it with the first order you place after April. Of course we’ll put it online too, so the information will be available to you regardless, but it seems right to offer a paper catalog option for our analog bikes.

Will you, before Monday, buy a $10 credit toward a future purchase and a paper catalog? Just add the “Catalog Cashflow Special” to your cart. You’ll receive a code you can use immediately. Onward ho?

-Grant, on behalf of me, Robert, Jenny, Spencer, Mark, Dave, Will, Roman, Corey, Harry, Mary, Vince, and Rich.”

If you are able to and would like to assist Rivendell, do so at their web store.

  • TonyAB

    This is a no-brainer. Hope it will help.

  • Jordan Muller

    Just bought some clothes from their shop I was holding out on for a while. Glad to support this awesome company.

  • Colin White

    Done plus purchased a Zefal pump

  • ChicanoHoodPass

    Been done diddddd’it already. Anytime for GP and crew.

  • George T Rosselle

    Did it. And bought a Rosco last month to go with my Atlantis. What a fn bike. I think all the Rosco’s are bought now, but they have other frames and bikes on sale. if you are looking for one you owe it to yourself to check them out. I have been following Rivendell since the beginning, and don’t want to see it end. Grant is too young to retire just yet.

  • Erik Hillard

    Done. Hope it helps. I’ve never bought anything from them but have really enjoyed browsing their site over the years and their very different world of cycling than what is offered from the larger industry.

  • Sathya

    Done. Rivendell is special, and I have learned a ton just from reading the site over the years (accompanied by the occasional purchase). Hope this is just a small bump in the road for those folks.

  • Kurt Krueger

    I will look forward to adding the new Riv catalog to my collection of Bridgstone catalogs. Long live Rivendell!
    I’m happy to help support such a fine company.

  • Mark Rothschild

    Worth it, just for the BLUG..

  • AdamBike99

    Done (x2)
    Riv is more than a brand or simple retailer. They have added cultural interest and honest opinions to a mostly sporting world. Plus MUSA!
    This is no time for an icon to go away.

  • Willie Bailey

    Done! Thanks Rivendell for all you’ve done for cycling as a whole. Hope this helps. Thanks to “The Radavist” also for bringing this to a larger audience. I shared with many…fingers crossed.

  • Jim Cuene

    Happy to support those folks. Looking forward to the catalog

  • Johnny Burrell

    Thanks John & crew for posting. Easy this. Hope to see a lot more comments on here soon.

  • Jordan Muller

    Its been super cool to see such great feedback from y’all on this. Its also really interesting to see how the company has meant so much to the cycling community, in ways that transcend just bikes. Rivendell has always had an uncompromising ethos and perspective on cycling, and apparently that really resonates with people, even when their products may not align with the current cycling trends. Can we think of any other companies that have such an impact? Is there another company out there that is capable of carrying such a torch?

  • Chase McNeill

    done. Never actually bought anything from Rivendell before, but the fact that they exist is like a beacon in the night

  • Done and done! I’ve also never ordered anything from Rivendell before, but I’ve always wanted to. Thanks for the chance to help out.