2018 NAHBS: Triton Titanium SSCX

Dmitry Nechaev from Triton Bikes is a character whose presence is intoxicating. The dude is just a good time! I first met him at Eurobike a few years back as we tore into a black forest cured ham and drank bourbon. Ever since then, I always look for what this Moscow-based framebuilding operation brings to the table at NAHBS. This year, they did not disappoint with this single speed ‘cross bike. Built with ENVE, i9, Whisky, SRAM, a Bjorn, made in Russia carbon saddle, and rollin’ on some supple Challenge tires, it’s got bling in all the right places, but don’t get too distracted, or you might miss my favorite detail: the Triton chainstay yoke.

  • Ryan

    So much yes.

  • Nicholas Petersen


  • Special shout out to Bjorn, Toresvelo and Triton for bringing the good times from Russia – and the Russian chocolate! See you guys next year.

    • John, thanks for the coverage! Awesome photos. Thanks for the good words. See you in Sacramento next year!

      • Warm weather! hah.

        • Absolutely. This will allow us assemble bikes outside and avoid using alcohol :D
          Thanks to Vlad of Vlad Cycles who let us in his house for the whole day so we could assemble the show bikes.

          • Vlad Dolinsky

            Dmitry, I was happy to help! Congrats again!

          • Dammit, I knew I forgot to grab a bike. Sorry for not making it by this weekend, my brain was mush. :-(

          • Vlad Dolinsky

            John, it’s not a problem. It was a great show! Time went by so fast.

          • John B.

            Probably won’t sell too many Ushanka hats in Sacramento, a big hit this year in the northeast! Amazing bikes.

          • We actually still sold quite a few in Sacramento in 2016 :) People would say “man, it’s California, who needs those”. And then took their dollars out :D
            Thank you! The show was great

  • Mr Sun

    what a bike !!

  • il’ya

    ne zassal I poexal!

  • J Brian Suzuki

    Awesome bikes! My wife Rebecca who worked for Paragon Machine Works for few years was fortunate enough to become an owner of a Triton Ti hardtail! I’m fortunate enough that we ride (basically) the same size bike! Not that I ‘need’ another bike, but when I can pull it off, I hope to have a Triton build me gravel/cx bike! Might even have to fly/drive back for NAHBS Sacramento next year!

    Congrats again on your win Dmitry!

  • Vladimir Losinsky

    Congrats to Dmitry and Triton crew!

  • marc

    I like your bikes Dmitry ;-) In fact I like them so much I already have 2! They’re awesome – get on one!

  • Froste

    Bikes are cool. Guns are not.

  • Martin Lemke

    Love the “HE 3ACCAL” decal

  • Simon

    probably missing something, but why the shifter paddles?

    • Ty Kurth

      I did that so I can switch the slider to a hanger and use a etap derailleur for gears if I want. Just more options and Everything is wireless and easy.

      • Simon

        thanks, makes sense

  • Nicholas Petersen

    I keep coming back to swoon.

  • Fasar

    Excellent drive side chain stay!