2018 NAHBS: Sunset Fade Co-Motion Pangea with Pinion Touring Bike

Co-Motion makes some of the most utilitarian, well-designed, and low maintenance touring bikes on the market, all from their shop in Oregon. Their embrace of new technology culminated at this year’s NAHBS with this Pinion-equipped Pangea tourer. When it comes to consistency and reliability, nothing beats a chainstay yoke and the Pangea utilizes one to keep things rolling smoothly, without the fear of breaking somewhere in the wilds of Patagonia, or Africa. While the Pinion gearbox adds a bit of weight, that is greatly offset by the German-engineered reliability and consistency. I saw a lot of touring bikes at NAHBS, but this one is by far my favorite.

  • John B.

    This is one that you just crave a ride on to try out the pinion gearbox and belt drive. Looks super comfy with the extra long wheelbase from the yoke, like those early MTBs.

    • Yep. Like with 75lbs worth of shit, into a headwind with sleet hitting you in the face kinda comfy. Be it Jersey or Patagonia. I love bikes like this, but love them even more with some beausage on the frames.

  • Masterchief

    VERY nice with the choice of what looks like a metallic bronze instead of the more standard organge for the fade. Also, those Mondial tires always looks so goddamn beefy, perfect for that bike.

  • Ruth Miller

    Co-Motion makes a solid bike every time! We have 4 in our heard, looks like it is time to add a 5th with a pinion gearbox and belt drive. It feels good to support a made in the USA company.

    • brian199511

      Especially in Orygun!