2018 NAHBS: Olivetti Thunder Pig Rigid MTB

The Olivetti namesake comes from an Italian typewriter company. That was Peter’s grandfather and he is carrying on the Olivetti name, but with bicycles. This Thunder Pig rigid mountain bike was an experiment in making a robust, fun and practical frame, with clearances for a 3″ tire and a rigid fork. It was the first time Olivetti had made a segmented fork and I’d say his experiment worked wonderfully, down to the pure silver coin caps. As a side note: every Olivetti customer gets to select a silver coin to be brazed onto their frame if they so choose. These coins were passed down to Peter and it’s nice seeing them live on with his art…

  • rocketman

    IMO the best of the show. Love the curved tubes and perfectly fitting PR bag.

  • Ryan

    These rigid SS mtbs are really making my Monday morning.

  • Chris Valente

    hot hot hot!

  • Raspberry Boltcutter

    The paracord is a nice touch.