2018 NAHBS: No22 Old King XC MTB

No22 may be known for their razor-edge precision road and track bikes, but their XC mountain frameset, the Old King, is the one that grabbed my attention in their booth this year at NAHBS. These 29’er XC frames are designed to maneuver and track in tight, technical terrain, as well as offer a smooth ride for full-on, all-day excursions. It was nice to see so many XC-oriented frames this year at the show, especially ones that are this beautifully executed.

  • Allan Varcoe

    Just look at those welds! Chitz is amazing!

  • Keith Cieslinski

    Holly Cenchitz!

  • R.P. Treb

    Iam a hard tail lover born and raised. And Iam emphatically sorry, but the best way to throw the beautiful symmetry right in the trash is with a Lefty fork. You might not agree but you best believe.

    • Andris Putniņš

      Please elaborate!

      • R.P. Treb

        Why throw off the amazingly beautiful lines of the frame with a Lefty? Lefty performance wise is fine but the lopsided look never did a frame any favors . I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder however. So maybe some like it, who knows.

        • AngryBikeWrench

          For me, form should follow function, so the Lefty is beautiful. But then, I kind of like asymmetry as well…

          • R.P. Treb

            I respect that 100%