2018 NAHBS: Nelson Vails’ Raleigh Tribute Track by Don Walker Cycles

The man. The myth. The Cheetah. Nelson Vails‘ career at the track is one filled with gold and his post-professional track cycling career is only getting better. With tons of appearances at various events all over the globe, the man is on his A game constantly and consistently. To commemorate his track cycling career, last March, Raleigh announced a collaborative effort between Nelson and Don Walker Cycles on these Raleigh Team Tribute track bikes. Why this bike? Well, during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, Nelson rode a Raleigh track just like this to a silver medal.

Raleigh and Don Walker made two of these models: the Cheetah, a modernized version of Vails’ 1984 race bike, and the Cheetah Race, a lighter, more aggressive and aerodynamic version.

It was great finally seeing this bike in person and once again, I’d like to give Raleigh a high-five for using a US builder on these replica models.

  • Robert Villarreal

    Never thought I’d see radial laced, 32H Phil Wood track hubs on the Prolly ever again. Nice!

  • Savoldelli

    Met Nelsen Vails at last year’s NAHBS when he was next to this bike – signing posters (in my workshop now), caps, and taking pictures with people. Awesome bike and a really, really awesome dude…

  • Josh Davis

    that seat post though :(

    • Savoldelli

      That made me cringe, too…

    • Terp

      whats wrong w the post?

      • Josh Davis

        Scratch marks. Not the end of the world…. but just would be more pleasant on the eyeballs if they weren’t there.

  • William Cannings

    Very pretty bike. However, a British builder should also have been inveited to create a piece of memorabilia.