2018 NAHBS: Independent Fabrication Throwback Hardtail

Sometimes, the simplest bikes at NAHBS are the ones that grab my attention. It doesn’t have to be shiny or flashy to motivate me to document it. In fact, I often like seeing bikes at NAHBS that don’t look like overly precious, especially when it comes to mountain bikes. This year, Indy Fab brought a handful of completes and various frames, but this hardtail really did it for me. Chris, the painter, had fun applying this fade paint job, a throwback to IF’s first bike ever. These paint jobs lived on for a while, even through the serial numbers in the 200s. For example, this “Test Bike” on the MTBR forums, built with XTR. Now, with this bike and its updated, modern components the legacy that is IF lives on.

  • This bike made me want a straight up XC MTB again

    • Chris Valente

      this thing would look sweet with a swoopy top tube just sayin’!

  • Gorgeous. So nice to see a hardtail that doesn’t include the term “modern geometry”.

  • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey

    Simply Beautiful

  • Ryan

    Looks like a capable bruiser.

  • #DirtyRoadie

    Looks a lot like IF #1 (at NYC Velo …)

  • Oliv Tost

    looks like a curve mtb!

    • You mean, the Curve MTB looks like the Indy Fab, who’s been making this bike for over 20 years.

  • Steven Elmes

    Somewhere I have some lovely photograph of the original; in a mud puddle when I raced it at the 24 hours of Canaan, in front of the Prospect Hill Monument that adorned the Somervile IFs, and I’m sure a few more. Great bike to pay homage to.

  • rsigworth

    I see that paint and think Ritchey Sunset Fade. Then, I get a little light headed with lust.