2018 NAHBS: Forty Four Huntsman with Hot Tubes Paint

Kris Henry from 44 Bikes knows how to craft a beautiful, functional tig-welded machine that will live by the brand’s mantra of “Swear to Shred.” This Huntsman road bike features clearances for WTB Nano tires, Shimano flat mount brakes, the powerhouse group that is Ultegra, and a geometry tuned for road riding of all substrates. With a paint job by Jordan Low of Hot Tubes Paint, it’s got plenty of pop!

  • Matthew J

    Simple. Elegant.

  • Peter Hedman

    The eggshell paint texture is just awesome.

    • According to Jordan at Hot Tubes, it’s a matte clear coat. So he does all the paint work, scuffs down the gloss finish and then hits it with a matte clear to give it that eggshell look. His masking work and attention to detail are stunning. He took my concept and really executed it well. I highly recommend Hot Tubes for anyone looking for exceptional paint work.

  • Chris Valente

    I am sucker for inside of fork paint details. Approved.

  • Baler71

    That Parlee fork looks like the best option if you want a carbon “all-groad” fork that can run proper full length mudguards/fenders!?

    • The only nitpick I have about this fork is that the internal routing is just two open ended holes, so there is no internal guide. Made for routing the hydro line a bit tricky but I was able to fashion a guide to help fish it through and thread the needle on the two holes. Other than that, Parlee nailed the check boxes on this fork.

      • Baler71

        Really, that’s a let down for a fork priced as a premium product.
        ENVE need to make their gravel fork available with fender mounts for Honjo’s atmo.
        The bike looks near perfect btw 👌🏻

        • Thank you. I’m really happy with how the bike came together. But imagine my expression when I went to run the hydro line from the top, then from the bottom and it wouldn’t go through as I’m building the bike up… I thought there was something inside the fork leg guide leftover from the manufacturing process. But I quickly realized that there wasn’t an internal guide. The way I ran it was I used a spoke to fish down through both holes, thread the bare / empty hydro line onto the threaded end of the spoke (luckily it wasn’t a pre-bled kit), and then pulled it back up through the fork. Took some patience but it worked well. But yeah, I need to raise their attention to this. It’s an otherwise wonderful product.

          • Baler71

            Pro-tips 🙏🏻

  • JT Spooner


    • shimano

      • JT Spooner

        Right. I didn’t realize Shimano made a TA road hub. Any idea idea on the model?

        • They are Shimano’s RS770 wheels. 12x100mm Front / 12x142mm Rear / center lock.

  • Kevin J. Smith

    Just gorgeous. Those smooth welds and paint work!

  • Ryan Maynard Eames

    ahhh the bartape finishing hurts me.

  • Clayton Wangbichler

    She’s beautiful, Kris. Elegant, while still letting everybody know she means business!