2018 NAHBS: DiNucci Classic Road with Campagnolo

Where do I even begin here? DiNucci is a damn living legend in the frame building world and anytime I can get my sweaty palms on one of his bikes, I take extra time documenting it. Case in point: this beautifully-lugged classic road bike with Campagnolo Super Record. I love everything about this build, from the lug work, to the Enduro headset, right down to the bright, sparkly arrow reminding you to keep pushing forward. With a bike like this, however, I doubt the owner will need any motivation. Mark, if you’re reading this, it’s always a pleasure to be in such great company.

17 responses to “2018 NAHBS: DiNucci Classic Road with Campagnolo”

  1. The lug work is so stunning I can barely breathe looking at your pictures. Thanks for documenting this beautiful frame.

  2. Scott Wolfe says:

    incredible. always a pleasure to see one of Mark’s creations. 700×30 G-One Speeds, too. Fast and Comfortable.

  3. Tim Potter says:

    Love his work. Wish I could see it in person.

  4. Sascha says:

    What headset is that?

  5. Avuncular says:

    Yes there’s exquisite welding and fine beads; beautiful fillet brazing for seamless integration but my dream bike will always be one with lugs.

  6. Vegilasagna says:

    The dropouts are pure pornography, especially without paint:


  7. rsigworth says:

    There is just something about classic road bikes that get me. It isn’t trying to be something it’s not. So many classic road bikes try to be “it will fit XX tire so you can dip your toes in gravel”. This one says “quit your bitching, we are riding fast.” Love it.

  8. kermitonwheels says:

    that really is lovely, and nice to see a steel fork on a roadie for a change

  9. Gallus Cycles says:

    Beautiful bike and photos, but there aren’t any close up pics of the head lugs!

  10. AngryBikeWrench says:

    I see a lot of DiNucci in Bishop’s lugs. Maybe coincidence or convergent evolution? Has Bishop ever mentioned DiNucci as an inspiration?