2018 NAHBS: DeSalvo Dirt Drop Dream MTB with a Fox AX Fork

Remember that DeSalvo dream bike NAHBS contest? Well, here’s the winning bike concept. Mike’s offerings each year are usually clean, minimal road bikes but this year, it was a special treat seeing a bike like this in the DeSalvo booth. This dirt drop frame features the Fox AX “gravel” fork, a KS LEV dropper, Sim Works To Smile dirt drops, color-matched PAUL and White Industries. A few builders brought bikes like this to the show and personally, I’m into it.

  • Chris Mcgovern

    this bike! totally stirs the emotions of my youth
    great job Mike.

    • You see the owner of the bike? The kids are alright!

  • Bluejaystr

    Is that Paul stem angled up 15 degree or higher?

    • JimthePE

      Good eye. Their stems come in 0° and 15° angles.

  • Jon Severson

    To Smile bar. not Too small ;;)

  • vopop

    I’m failing to see the drop post activation lever

    • John

      My guess would be that he is using the left shift lever as the activation since the bike is set up as 1x. Would be nice to know for sure though.

  • conor urian

    Thanks so much for the write up! I’m absolutely beside myself! Not only is Mike Desalvo an incredible bike builder, but he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I got the chance to go on my first ride last night and I am blown away! this bike is going to be well loved and well ridden!

  • AngryBikeWrench

    Getting very close to “perfect bike” territory ATMO.