Who Said Winter Is Coming? Jan 16, 2018

We’re all packing up and heading to the high desert tonight for an escape from the Los Angeles heat. I never thought I’d be saying that, but that’s the world we live in now. Does anyone have some favorite desert rides we should check out in the Southern California area?

  • Chris Thomas

    Joshua Tree National Park (tho not off road).

    • Ryan Dunn

      If one’s up for riding through a lot of sand, the 4×4 roads in JTNP can still be a lot of fun and challenging.

      • Chris Thomas

        I’m sure they are but I thought bikes were not allowed off road there. I could be wrong.

  • Dario

    Come up to San Luis Obispo! We’ve had lovely temps recently.

  • Tranquillo

    About 10 miles north of the HWY 14/395 junction is 9 Mile Canyon Road, which is steep asphalt west and north to Kennedy Meadows. I’ve been on it in summer, not sure about conditions this time of year but you would likely turn back before getting to Kennedy Meadows due to snow in the upper elevations. Almost entirely up, turn around, head back down, curvy descent. Vigorous climbing, big vistas, no traffic.

  • auton0my

    East coaster here. Wunderground says it’s high 70s in LA today and tomorrow with fairly low humidity; dropping into low 60s over the weekend. Sounds like perfect weather to me (but then again, it’s 31 and snowing here). Is there a joke here I’m missing?

    • Ryan Dunn

      It’s a half joke. We do have great riding weather here right now! However, high 70s in the middle of January is very unusual, even for Southern California.

    • Will

      We’ve got ride (or XC ski) anywhere snow right now here in Vermont. That weird warm spell melted about everything down to a crust, which promptly froze, and got another inch of snow on top of. So it’s like white pavement out there!

  • Wilson Sackett

    Dude go hit the singletrack near Julian/Mt. Laguna/Anza Borrego! Check out the Julian Bikepacking Loop for more detail.

    • Doing something similar in Feb. Thanks for the tip!