The Radavist Giro Collection is in Stock Now Jan 15, 2018

As promised, the Radavist collection is now in stock at Giro. Act quick, these pieces will go fast! If you ordered through your local shop, you should be getting your orders in shortly.

  • Gabriele Salamone

    any chance to buy them online?

    • Chase McNeill

      I believe this is the link to buy them online through Giro

  • YoungG


  • Stéphane Mérand

    Great move getting the local stores in the game!

    • Mike Jacoubowsky

      Not sure we *are* in the game; lots of sold-out sizes. Gloves gone in everything but XS and XL I think? Had a customer looking for a 48 shoe, no go, gone. Might be our fault though; maybe there was an opportunity to order these some time ago and we weren’t forward-thinking enough to do so.

      • High demand, low supply unfortunately. Sorry about that! If I had the resources, I would have ordered a ton myself and sold to shops direct, but that’s crazy amounts of money for a website like this to front. When Giro does collaborations, it’s always smaller runs than a standard release…

  • Bil Thorne

    Has this been photographed with the olive drab Chris King bits? Someone out there has to be that obsessed with OD.

  • Matt O’Donnell

    damn… missed out on the gloves, but got them shoes! If anyone ends up with a pair of medium gloves they don’t fit them properly, I’ll buy them off of you.

  • Peter Hedman

    When you collab on the tan “desert boot” suede VR90s I will stock up. Would be très classy for many varied pursuits.

  • Kris Hajdu

    A matchy-matchy cycling cap would be fab! Ever considered this???

  • Davin Dahl

    I’m curious if the recently publicized connection between Giro and a prominent ammunition and arms manufacturer has caused The Radavist to rethink this collaboration and future collaborations?

    • alexroseinnes

      John, like all the other companies (Rapha, too) involved with Vista, are just waiting for the news coverage to die down–betting that we’ll all soon forget about Parklands. And, do you know what? They are sadly right .

    • Henry Turner-Julier

      Also curious!

    • Zac Stanley

      Yes – It now also been reported by Aaron Narapstek of Streetsblog that Vista Outdoor has a PAC that has contributed $30k to congress people in Utah who support shrinking public lands in that state. Bears Ear’s and Grand Escalante to name a few. Let’s put our $$ where our mouths are.

  • Matt O’Donnell

    Soo… however many months ago I bought the wrong size of shoe. Got a pair at size 45, never worn. So if anyone is looking for a pair you pay what I paid and they’re yours. HMU.