Surly Goes Red Rum on the Krampus Jan 22, 2018

Surly calls the newest edition of the Krampus “Pickled Beet,” yet I find that nomenclature to be, I dunno, too organic for a bike with such evil in its DNA. So, either ride it to the farmer’s market or slay some singletrack with it, hell you can even do both on the same ride. The Krampus is back with a deeper, darker red, I’m dubbing Red Rum. Head to Surly’s Blog to see more.

  • Erik Thompson

    Buddy of mine was in the meeting at QBP the other day as they were naming the color. He was really gunning for “Pickled Beet”.

    • Yep, it’s a good name, I just like envisioning the Krampus as being a little more evil and less farmers market. haha

    • Johnny Rhubarb

      My wife suggested ‘Period Metallic’…