Sunset on Sunset Ridge Trail Jan 4, 2018

Nomenclature is often an intuitive byproduct of one’s, most notably the one who does the naming’s, experiences. A local example, here in Los Angeles, is Sunset Ridge trail. Yes, it’s a ridge trail and yes, it really, really comes alive at sunset, especially in that low, soft winter light.

Last night, the Wednesday Slacker’s ride, aka Wednesday Warriors, aka freelancers union shredders, aka whoever wants to ride on Wednesday, took 11 souls up into the San Gabriel mountains for a New Years party ride. We brought food including but not limited to: fried chicken, sandwiches, chocolate almonds, gummy bears, beer and trail mix. Our troop sat atop the old Echo Mountain ruins and watched the sun fall behind cloud cover before moving on through the myriad of trails before descending Sunset Ridge.

It was one of those evenings where the mountains really began to sing. Not with sounds however, but with light. Stopping to soak it in was a requisite before shredding the dusty and rutted trails, so parched for water that our fee for usage were dusty eyes and dried chains. We rode just about 12 miles and climbed 3,000′. If you’ve yet to do this loop, I highly recomend it!

Check out more photos below and Happy New Year!

  • Jim Watkinson

    John – we spoke about this…

    • hah! Sunny skies. You notice the Hope UK stuff on that Chameleon? At least they’re getting sun! ;-)

      • phil88

        Hope FTW!

  • Thomas Wilson

    last pic

  • AdamBike99

    John, what sled did you shred?

    • Santa Cruz sent a Chameleon for me to review. I’m stoked on it!