Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros: Floyd Landis and Dave Zabriskie Jan 10, 2018

State Bicycle rode with Floyd Landis and Dave Zabriskie in the beautiful Red Rock Canyon loop outside Vegas.

  • Mehdi Farsi

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoyed it : D

  • Mashira

    Excellent through and through! Entertaining, great production, and fun dynamics. A personal favorite video type is the magic of great, on the spot camaraderie and chemistry. Again, well done!

  • Medium Rick

    That’s actually pretty funny.

  • Bryan

    Just bummed that we couldn’t procure a DaNgLe BoNg for this episode.

  • Gordon M

    Hilarious and at the same time feels like you’re tagging along for the ride! Loved the name that strand at the end of the video : )

  • ibc

    Gotta say, the part that tickled me the most is where Landis casually refers to “I was riding this bullshit race called Milan-San Remo”.