Rawland Brings Back the xSOGN for $1,699. Jan 12, 2018

Looking for an all-road or touring bike for under $2k? Check out the newly re-issued xSOGN from Rawland, which comes packaged 98% assembled for $1,699 including FedEx shipping to anywhere in the contiguous US. These bikes feature seamless chromoly butted tubing with a low-trail geometry, with 60mm tire clearance (47mm with fenders) and all the braze-ons you could want. The complete build spec includes SRAM Apex 1, WTB Byway tires, Alex tubeless rims and in a variety of sizes (rack not included.)

Visit rawlandcycles.com and @RawlandCycles for details and updates.

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    An Interesting option for the price, but I really don’t understand the drive-train they have spec’d. If these things are meant to carry medium sized loads over rough roads, why only give it a 1:1 low gear? I can really only get down for 1x systems on touring bikes for something like an 38 x 10-42, which might not seem like much of a difference but will often mean not having to walk. Obviously the XD driver hub and cassette aren’t cheap, but still.

    • I personally run a 28t x 10-50t on my touring bikes, so I getcha, but keeping the up front cost low was probably their main concern.

    • Jason Ferrier

      John beat me to reply, but definitely price point. When you are pick & choosing from the SRAM catalog, which crankset comes with a smaller ring without having to get an extra and replace the one that came with it (and maybe also the spider)?

      • Brian Richard Walbergh

        Yeah it is always about the money. The Apex crank is a fixed 4 bolt asymmetric 110bcd which should go down to 36t ( if it is the same as Shimano’s) which is a relatively cheap upgrade (downgrade?)

    • Charlie D

      My Gunnar is Rival 1X 34 Wolf Tooth ring and 10-42 XG-1150 Cassette laced to WI X15 hubs. No XD driver needed.

  • Bil Thorne

    Which Rawland is putting this out? Their little tiff has me all confused.

    • Nathan Fenchak

      Seems like the original Rawland not the Rawland that abuses special text characters in all of their social media.

      • Bil Thorne

        Yeah I think so too. The color is named after a MN college town.

        I’m considering one of the porteur racks but I am afraid of ordering from the wrong site.

        • I don’t know anything about this. What’s the deal? The only site I know if is: https://rawlandcycles.com/collections/gear

          • Bil Thorne

            There was some sort of falling out between the two owners. The website you linked doesn’t have the Ulf or Ravn, http://rawlandcycles.bigcartel.com/ does, which is where riderawland.com routes you. There are two instagrams and it seems the Facebook page is for whoever has the Ulfs and Ravns.

            It’s sad for us and sad for them. I don’t want to see anyone in that kind of situation.

          • Whoa. Had no idea. Makes sense why I couldn’t find the Instagram post where they tagged me in last year.

          • dan scheie

            Now I feel totally weird about which account to tag when I post my ULV on Instagram. Kinda like when parents get divorced or something. Awkward…

          • Nathan Fenchak

            Just tag them both, embrace the awkward.

        • steelguitars

          I ordered my demi porteur from http://rawlandcycles.bigcartel.com/. I emailed the address on the website and got a response quickly with a little explanation of why there are two sites. I rolled the dice and the product shipped quickly and arrived within a week. I’m assuming the link john posted is the “real” rawland because they’re producing new products, but I was able to get the rack when the other site showed out of stock, and they assured me that it was under warranty.

  • Charlie D

    Cool bike.

  • hoffsta

    Any word on the tubing spec or frame weight on these? I can’t find any detailed info about the X-Sogn online.