No Compromises: A Firefly Super Commuter Jan 24, 2018

For some people, commuting by bicycle to work each day is the only time they’re assured time on the bike, so making those rides as enjoyable as possible is an added bonus. When it comes to Firefly, I can’t think of a better ride experience, so starting your day on something like this must be an extra special treat. Check out more at the Firefly Tumblr.

  • Medium Rick

    Dura Ace and XTR working together??? Cool. Is this only in Di2 or would it work equally in mechanical??

    • Andrew Suzuki

      yeah mixing di2 stuff works fine. doesn’t work with mechanical, unless you get a cable pull converter like the wolf tooth tanpan.

      • Theodor Rzad

        +1 on the Wolftooth Tanpan; I’m running XTR 11s rear der w/ a D/A downtube shifter (10s modded to road 11s). Shifts beautifully.

    • you just can’t mix and match fd/rd both are xtr in this case

    • Have you seen this bike? It’s another one set up with Di2 / XTR

  • colavitos_ghost

    Beautiful bike; no doubt about that. However, the fender for the ENVE gravel fork continues to absolutely mystify me. I mean…… a $10,000 bike with mismatched fenders…..? Mind blown.

    • Yeah…

    • AngryBikeWrench

      I think $10,000 is probably a very conservative guess…

    • Bil Thorne

      The enve fender doesn’t even provide good coverage.

      • colavitos_ghost

        Its shortcomings (hehe) are multifarious.

  • Daniel Smith

    Fantastic! Firefly make some of the most beautiful and thoughtful bikes out there, atmo, and from what I’ve heard they ride like they look. I hope they keep doing it for a long time. Firefly is definitely at the top of my dream bike list, and one day I hope I can get one.

  • Jake Kruse

    riding to the dental clinic in style

  • Peter Chesworth

    Just fantastic. How great to have the choice … just a few years ago it was road or mountain, and never the twain would meet. Cost no matter … it is the concept. Wouldn’t get me knickers in a twist about the front fender … great to see ENVE having a go. MkII will no doubt be 7cm longer.