Lucas’ Samson Street Track Bike

Putting together a parts bin bike doesn’t usually include an NJS frame. When his roommate parted out a complete NJS Samson track bike, Lucas acquired the frameset for $50. Aside from a few small dents in the top tube, the frame was in great condition, so he assembled it with all of his spare parts. Since then, it’s been his go-to around town and lock-up-bike. I couldn’t help myself when he rolled up to Golden Saddle Cyclery on it yesterday, just hours before hopping on a plane back to Portland…

  • Nat Whittingham

    Yessssss! Its been a while since we’ve seen an NJS track like this on here!

    • Nat Whittingham

      + is this the same Luca with the RAD Stoemper SSCX?

  • Robert

    almost #ratbike territory, still great tho! Can’t wait to finish up my Samson…

  • Steeloats

    Its yo boi!

  • GNARdina

    It was shocking to see someone in shorts and read that this picture was taken yesterday. Greetings from Pittsburgh, enjoy the weather!

    • AdamBike99

      Howdy Pgh! I lived there from ’06-’12’
      Did we ever meet?
      I’m sending yinz some luv (and chilly drizzle) from Seattle.

      • We’re all going to burn alive here and get shaken into oblivion by an earthquake. Don’t feel too bad. 🤷🏼‍♂️

        • AdamBike99

          No kidding! My biggest hope for ’18 is that we’d have far fewer natural disasters and human powered disasters as well (enough with the mass shootings and vehicle homicides!)…

        • GNARdina

          I was just talking to my fiancé about how pittsburgh seems to be shocked every year when it gets cold, like we’ve never been through it before. We all know what we’re signing up for when we settle down and stay in a city for an extended period. You take the good, you take the bad , you take them both and there you have…….

      • GNARdina

        I’m sure we ran into each other at some point.

  • AdamBike99


  • Nicholas Petersen

    Love it. #tukt

  • Dexter

    Rad! I will one day find me an NJS frame which will fit!

  • Nauj Aral

    50 bucks for a Samson NJS wow lucky 🍀, great frame, nice build, luv the salsa stem 🖕🔥💕

    • Justin Schmidt

      For real! I had to pay $700 for my NJS Samson with Columbus tubing, granted mine is in 9/10 condition, but I’d flip to find one for less than $300!

  • Robert Gruber

    Beautiful but that seat to bar drop makes my back hurt to look at.

  • Matt Good

    Those ControlTech Posts are stellar.

  • Sergio Lamas

    You ride man that’s a bad ass bike, it will save your life some day, fresh

  • Zian

    NJS beaters are always so good!

  • Love a well used bike.

  • Those two oddly placed chrome chainring bolts bug me. Rad bike though. It has just the right stance.

  • Kevin Hall

    what is holding the bike up?

  • Kevin Ehman

    beater NJS will forever be the best look

  • carchiba

    Nice !

  • Jim Watkinson

    Will it take a 42c tyre? :D

  • Steve

    I will never not like a track bike with those classic font sugino 75’s

  • Sergio Lamas

    We should all fixing track bike riders be in the rose parade next year

  • bob

    Quite dangerous handlebar stem combo, but he will get it soon… when he holds up 2 handlebars