Lace ‘Em Up Jan 8, 2018

We’ve got something RAD in the works with Giro. Expect more details this week.

  • Pelex

    Olive Drab VR90’s?
    Mil-Spec goodness!
    Just nudge Giro to ratchet up production for these.
    They might go faster than Kyler’s hats :)

    • Paula Product

      And make some bigger sizes (please), Giro!

      • Russ Cooper

        Up to a 50 and only $300.

  • Steve Jennings

    why is it “olive” anything gives me a boner?

    • krashdavage

      Even oil?

      • jon robert

        don’t kink-shame him

      • Steve Jennings

        especially that!

    • Smithhammer

      So….how many Olive Gardens have you been kicked out of?

      • Steve Jennings

        fortunately, we don’t have those restaurants in Australia ;)

      • lol

  • James Eilers


  • Nick Paglia

    Please please make them in a 40.5!

  • benreed

    I’m holding out for the #bicyclepubes/Birkenstock co-lab which, I assume, will be a spd cleat super glued to a sandle. Gonna be sweet.

    • if you think im gonna collabo with any company besides crocs, you havent been paying attention.

      • Francisco Alvarez

        MUSA, or “designed in the USA, and assembled in the USA with foreign sourced foam?

        • Keith Lee

          ‘Designed by Crocs in California (Colorado)’

  • stateofnonreturn

    don’t forget to think about small feet!

    • Tim Guarente

      And big ones!

      • Eric Richter

        Just be quick. 39-50 are in the batch but not many…

  • Marc Gasch

    a helmet?

  • Daniel Smith

    Road? MTB? I’m assuming mtb.

  • boomforeal

    i’ve always had a thing for the mtb empires but found the colours kind of meh. giro seems to save the fun treatments for the women’s and road shoes (and the LE’s, of course). this olive looks GREAT! hoping they’re vr90s

    • VR90s. The OD OG1 just matches in color.

      • boomforeal


  • Please let these have a GUM sole to match the laces.

    • They don’t make Vibram in gum, unfortunately.

      • Nicholas Petersen

        Huh, I’m wearing a pair of Merrell’s right now with Vibram gum…

      • Tim Guarente

        I’ve got some Giros (Rumble VRs) with gum Vibram soles. They’re not the best shoes, but they look nice and the glass fiber embedded soles grip nicely for a tame treaded shoe.

        • Eric Richter

          Same company, but different rubber compound. The Rumble features a compound called EcoStep – it’s a bit softer than the Mont rubber used on the Empires (same compound used on many of the most iconic alpine hiking boots – because it’s a harder, more durable compound that’s tough as hell but still has decent grip).

          • Tim Guarente

            Fair enough, thanks for the info!

        • Weird. Maybe when I asked, they swayed me from them due to issues in the past.

  • Beau Street

    This makes me hate the fact I ride flats…

  • Rob T.

    these look great…too bad giro shoes are so frick’n narrow.

    • Have you tried the HV versions? Giros were too narrow for me until then…

      • Rob T.

        yep and they are much better…but unfortunately it seems HV is limited to black only.

        • Spraypaint. ;-)

          • Chris Valente

            Do they make the lace ups in HV versions? I didn’t think they did but that would be sweet if so..

          • Eric Richter

            Not yet, but they’re coming… stay tuned.

          • Chris Valente


  • Ian Stone

    Are the heels still separating from the shoes still? I had 2 pairs do it to me after just a couple hundred miles. Love everything else about them though.

    • They fixed that last year. I haven’t had any separate since the first grinduro editions.

  • Jorja Creighton

    So damn hawt – i’m ready to buy

  • AdamBike99

    OD OMG!

  • Pat Smith

    Radavist could make poop shoes and we would buy them !!!!! I can’t check for updates fast enough !!

  • Got them on order already. They look killer

  • Joó

    holysh*t that’s a great color scheme!