Knog’s Quick Start with the PWR Road/Trail Jan 9, 2018

Knog is a name that’s been historically synonymous with bicycle lights and over the years, I’ve tried just about all of their offerings. While they get the job done, I’ll admit, I haven’t ever been as impressed with anything as I am with their new PWR lights. Imagine a USB bank that runs a high lumen bike light, and a modular package that allows you to customize the amount of light you need, be it MTB or road. The Knog PWR is the most impressive lighting system the brand has ever put out and it’s in stock now. Expect a full review shortly…

  • Fred flintstone

    i have one. its cool. but my side mount broke because its a POS. knog is also sold out of them and you can’t find them in america. just fyi

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

    I got the Trail model to carry as a backup light and emergency power source for iPhone or inReach. It’s a nice package and the light is good, but I also had concerns about the durability of the plastic mount. I bought the PWR GoPro adapter so I could use it with my other light mounts, but it seems that style of mount isn’t strong enough to hold a light with integrated battery in place on a rough dirt rides. Still, it serves my needs well. It also makes a nice flashlight for camping.

  • I’ve been using the Trail one for a couple of months and was really impressed with the light—it’s so good for overnighters. But I too had trouble with the plastic mount, which is poorly made in comparison with the main light. I went through 2 replacements and eventually returned it because I was sick of it rattling loose on my rides. Knog were very responsive and discussed that they’re looking at developing the mount.

    • Good to know. I’ve yet to have that happen. I’ll keep an eye out.

      • Yeah it was pretty sporadic. I rode all weekend on fire-roads and it was rock solid, then on my 15 minute commute to work it would come loose. A friend of mine has the Road version and hasn’t had an issue, which I think is due to its smaller unit/weight.

        • I love metal light brackets. They suck to install / move from bike to bike, but they work. Rubber / plastic always break at the most inopportune times.

      • skog_smog

        Any update on the bracket or an overall in-depth review? I’m considering the PWR Road or PWR Trail but the comments here (and in other reviews) about the mount has me worried.