Industry Nine Debuts their TRAIL 270 24 HOLE 27.5″ MTB Wheels Jan 8, 2018

New year, new you and new wheels to boot.

Over the years, I’ve been more than impressed with Industry Nine’s wheel offerings and with each release, they keep getting better. Their latest wheelset offering are the Trail 270 wheels, which come in a 24 hole drilling and 27.5″ diameter. These are made in North Carolina at i9’s HQ and are tuned for your all mountain / race / enduro / shred sled. They have a rider limit of 210lbs, so they’re not for the big boys, but with a 27mm inner width, they’ll hold onto a fat tire to keep your rubber side down, or up, if that’s your thing. Check out more specs at Industry Nine.

  • benreed

    Looks like they updated most of their “trail” wheelsets with new wider rims. 27.5 and 29. 24 and 32 holes.