SOLD OUT: The Radavist Howdy Cacti Hats Jan 8, 2018

“Howdy!” It’s a pleasant way to greet people, no matter what mood you’re in. These cacti-embroidered caps show a saguaro cactus displaying three common hand gestures, pick one that suits your character. The designs were illustrated by Kyler Martz and embroidered on Bayside one-size-fits-all hats by Goth Brooks in Ojai, California. These sell for $30 each, plus shipping worldwide.

Please, because of the limited numbers available, ONE HAT PER CUSTOMER! Scoop up yours below. Sorry sold out!

Peace (sold out)

Nature is Metal (sold out)

California Howdy” (sold out)

  • Daniel Martins

    Nice! But Make More Bottles :P

    • Adam Leddin

      And caps!