CX Hairs: Riding Around Tokyo with Tim Johnson Jan 11, 2018

CX Hairs caught up with Tim Johnson, on a spin around the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Japan.

  • Trev

    I dunno if this was a commercial for that funky one armed fork all road bike but it sure felt like it.

    • Tim’s sponsored by Cannondale and that’s the only bike I ever see him riding these days.

      • Trev

        Whelp as someone who’s broke AF (student loans can suck it) and only has track bikes they seem like they could be my everything bike in the future

  • Harry

    Why anyone would want to ride down Takeshita Dori I will never know

    • Jamie Vickers

      Agreed, feels a bit arrogant to say the least

    • That place is WILD.

  • Josh Bendall

    Must be part of the new trend of American’s menacing Japanese…

    • I dunno, ever watch 90’s skate and bmx flicks? Americans have been menacing Japanese for some time now…